I’ve Got My Eye On… Ceramic Egg Crates

I’ve Got My Eye On… Ceramic Egg Crates

My mom and I were making our family dinner plans for Easter the other day and suddenly realized this year is an early year for Easter – March 31st – just a little more than a month away.
I got excited as I remembered these two ceramic egg crates I picked up over the holidays and had stashed away just for Easter.
They both were found at TJ Maxx on two different shopping excursions. One was $2.99 and the other $3.99. I thought they would make the cutest display to showcase CJ’s Easter Egg creations.
Now that I have dug them out and it’s getting closer to Easter –
I want more of these darling little crates.
I’ll be checking my stores, but just in case I can’t come across anymore super buys –
here are some reasonably priced alternatives…

2- Rachael Ray 12 Cup Egg Tray via Target $16.99
3- White Ceramic Egg Crate Holder via Sur La Table $12.95
4- Red Ceramic Egg Crate via Sur La Table $7.49
6- Rachael Ray Egg Tray via Linens ‘n Things $16.99
1- Ceramic Egg Crate via World Market $5.99
2- Mini 6 Egg Crate via Bed Bath & Beyond $4.99
3- Target Stoneware Egg Crate -in store- $5.24
4- Aqua Ceramic Half Egg Crate via World Market $4.99
Besides holding eggs – these adorable trays are pretty versatile little vessels.
Rachael Ray has her own line of them and uses them for mini serving dishes –
I just adore the vertical whole deviled eggs.
And here are some more collected ideas…
one- succulent garden from factory direct crafts
two- jewelry organizer from the washington post
three – office supply organizer from olive manna
I have no idea how I have kept these two stashed away so long – there are so many cute ideas.


  1. I love them too. I saw them at Anthropologie and loved them. I surely didn’t have the creative thinking to use them for anything more than storing eggs in my refrigerator. Thanks for sharing.

  2. These are sooo cute! I have never seen these before! Thanks so much for sharing!

    Jenna @ http://rainonatinroof.com

  3. I found them at Ross & Cost Plus for around $3…quite the bargain!

  4. I love the egg crates you found! What a great deal. I bought my mother-in-law two for her birthday last year and paid sooo much more! Pat yourself on the back 🙂


  6. lovely! there’s so much things to do with egg crates! 🙂

    Rae ^^)

  7. Oh, I’ve got my eyes on them too!

  8. Love these ideas! Thanks for sharing the many different options!

  9. Love these egg crates, the colors are so pretty. Thanks for sharing these, I must living under a rock, I didn’t know they existed.


  10. Oh My!!!! I had not seen these, but just ordered some because of you! LOVE!!!!

  11. I like the aqua #10. Pretty cute! My MIL got me a sweet pink one, with a little chicken head at one end but it got cracked one year. I’ve never seen anything like it again. It really was sweet!

  12. Found the Anthropologie ones at Michael’s for a fraction of the price. Many colors. They also have the matching farmers berry baskets that are so popular (also a fraction of the price of Anthropologie’s).

  13. I am already trying to dream up a reason to make the 70 mile trip to World Market so I can get two of the aqua ones! I LOVE the idea of vertical deviled eggs! I also love having 6 eggs ready to grab from the refrigerator without having to take out the carton and open it. Berry baskets at Michaels? I’m out of here!

  14. I just picked up the cutest green and white polka dot one at HomeGoods. It will soon be on my Easter table.

    Thanks for posting these other great ideas. I see jewelry in mine later, after Easter!



  15. Oh my goodness, I had not seen these before…now I am in love! Thanks for sharing, I think! lol


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