Valentine’s Day Breakfast | Ideas and Inspiration

Valentine’s Day Breakfast | Ideas and Inspiration

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, this week’s ideas and inspiration post is centered around a special surprise breakfast – planned and prepared with love.
Whether your breakfasts consist of a full sit down meal or just a quick bite to eat – it doesn’t take much to add a little extra touch of love to start your day off right. These fun Valentine’s Day Breakfast ideas include something for everyone – and no matter what age you are – getting a heart shaped treat on your plate any day, is sure to make someone crack a smile.

1 Bacon Arrow Pancake via On Being Blythe

2 Valentine Hearts Pancake Tutorial via Jenni Price Illustration
3 Cocoa Kissed Red Velvet Pancake Recipe via Nestle Kitchens
4 Heart Outline Pancakes via Blondie and Brownie
5 DIY Pipe Cleaner Heart Toppers via The Sweetest Occasion
6 Lace Heart Pancake Recipe via BiteDelite
7 Blueberry Heart Filled Pancakes via Paints and Pans
8 Cut Out Heart Pancakes Recipe via Aunt Jemima 
1 Heart Egg In A Basket Recipe via Petite Kitchenesse  | Heart Cookie Cutter
2 Baked Heart Shaped Eggs Recipe via Mommy Hates Cooking | Mini Heart Pan
4 Hard Boiled Heart Eggs Recipe via Simply Sofie | Chopsticks
1 Heart Shaped Cinnamon Rolls via Lisa Leonard
2 French Toast with Strawberry Butter Recipe via Land O Lakes
3 Heart Shaped Homemade Pop Tarts via Storybook Cafe
4 Homemade Boston Creme Donuts via My Sweet Life
5 Raspberry Cream Cheese Pan Crepes Recipe via Family Fresh Cooking
6 Strawberry Chocolate Chip Cookies via Sally’s Baking Addiction 
7 Chocolate Chip Cherry Sweet Rolls via Sally’s Baking Addiction
8 Chocolate Raspberry Filled Crescents via Pillsbury
1 Rainbow Pancakes | Mini Heart Pan
2 Imprinted Toast | I Love You Toast Stamp
3 Waffles on a Stick via Food Network | Babycakes Waffle Maker
1 Bacon and Egg Toast Cups Recipe via E Is For Eat
2 Baked Bacon Hearts via The Paper Mama
3 Bacon Egg Breakfast Cups Recipe via Kirbie’s Cravings
1 Fruit On A Stick via 100 Days of Real Food
2 Chocolate Chip Stuffed Raspberries via Saucy’s Sprinkles
3 Cantaloupe Heart in Watermelon via Life in Wonderland
4 Banana and Grape Fruit Skewers via Little Food Junction
5 Raspberry and Blackberry Skewers via Worth Pinning
6 Watermelon Hearts and Orange Arrows via Spoonful
7 Watermelon Hearts via The Otchipotchi Blog
8 Fruit Flower Bouquet via Spoonful
1 Square and Round Pan Heart Cake via About
2 Ice Cube Tray Chocolate Covered Strawberries via Oh No They Didn’t
3 Place Marbles in Cupcake Pans to Create Heart Shaped Cupcakes via Spoonful


  1. Cute ideas! Thanks for the roundup!

  2. What a great source for so many wonderful ideas all in one spot!! Thanks

  3. So cute! Our girls will love to do some of these!

  4. Great inspiration and ideas. Love them all but the bacon arrow was adorable.


  5. My kids are going to love trying some of these for their Mum on Valentine’s. Love it!

  6. So much choice! They look delicious! Which one to start with? Many thanks for this great selection!
    Zoe xxx


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