Our New Keurig OfficePro Premier Single Cup Brewing System

Our New Keurig OfficePro Premier Single Cup Brewing System

I had completely given up trying to brewing coffee at home, until we discovered Keurig a little over a month ago. Yes, I know we are little late to the game – but now I totally understand the hype my mom and sister, both, have award this machine the past couple of years. See, I like my hazelnut and vanilla concoctions and Butch, well … not so much. This new Keurig OfficePro Premier allows us both to brew our own cup of coffee – exactly how we both like it – in just minutes. No waiting, no cleaning, and most importantly no traces of unwanted flavors.

Keurig Officepro
If you are a Keurig fan, you’re probably already aware of the in and outs of these convenient machines.
{Which in turn means you are more than likely a coffee lover – and may appreciate the frozen coffee granita recipe in the following post}

Though if you are like us, and new to the Keurig world –  below is a little more about why we think this single cup brewing system is pretty darn awesome.

Keurig K-Cups
First and foremost the K-Cup selection… While Butch generally sticks to his favorites –  I like to change it up a bit. From the variety of roasting styles to the wide selection of specialty flavors – all of these k-cups can be brewed and ready in less than one minute.

Keurig Officepro
When you are ready to  brew something new – just pop a k-cup pack in the holder – no cleaning required  That hot chocolate can be made right after the rich, extra bold cup of joe without any trace of coffee left behind.

The full-color interactive touch screen menu is a breeze to use as well – allowing easy user control over the cup size and brew temperatures.

Keurig Brewer
Since my mom and sister both have other Keurig models they were eager to check out the differences in the OfficePro Premier. Two features that impressed them most were the very large 90 ounce water reservoir and the ability to program the energy saving on/off mode.
The only thing they really liked better about their regular systems is the reusable My K-Cup, allowing them to brew their own coffee grounds, which is not compatible with this model.

Brewing coffee The smell of fresh brewed coffee is simply amazing..especially the flavored blends.

Keurig Brewer
We do a fair share of entertaining throughout the year and one of the biggest perks of having the Keurig OfficePro model is that it is specifically engineered for continuous use.

I love the idea that our guests can personally choose their own favorite freshly brewed beverage – one right after another – and have them all ready within minutes.

Keurig Coffee
Single origin regular and decaffeinated coffees, exquisite custom blends, Fair Trade and organic varieties and flavored, like my favorites, vanilla and hazelnut.

Keurig Hot Chocolate
Speciality beverages like dark chocolate hot cocoa, chai lattes, and iced coffees.

Keurig Iced Tea
And along with a variety of hot teas, iced tea k-cups are available to brew fresh over ice.

All ready to enjoy in less than a minute – with just a press of the button.

Coffee Granita Recipe
While we like enjoying our occasional cups of coffee – as the weather gets warmer, coffee infused icy desserts are the best. Check out our favorite frozen coffee granita recipe – It’s incredibly easy to make and well worth the freeze time.

So what is your favorite coffee blend, flavor, or speciality beverage … I’d love to hear your k-cup recommendations below!

Reuse Keurig K Cups
And for all you current Keurig lovers, how do you re-purpose your k-cups?
The Helpful Home used hers this year as seed starters for her herb garden while Jillian from Entirely Smitten  uses them for crafts, like the k-cup bug observatory above. And those adorable hanging vertical planters are from the creative mind of Alexandra Vietti at Earth 911.

A huge thanks to the folks at Staples who have graciously provided me with this Keurig OfficePro Premier Coffee Maker. The opinions, thoughts, and ideas expressed above, however, are strictly my own. To view the full line of Keurig Coffee Makers visit Staples.com.


  1. I love my Keurig, too!! A few years ago my husband was working for a company that had him traveling a lot. Leaving the country for months at a time. That’s when I bought my first Keurig. Didn’t make since to keep making a whole pot for myself. Well, I never put the other machine back. We are hooked on single serve! We buy whatever coffee cups they have at Costco. 80 Keurig cups for around $30. Love it! I really want to update to your version! Looks amazing!!

  2. We are hooked also. Aren’t kcups a great gift idea. We can get 80 kcups at Costco for $26. Great buy! But we both brew our own grounds to save some $. I love Peets coffee and brew one cup in the a.m. Then i switch over to decaf kcups. Lovely treat for me in the morning. Yes, i love my Keurig! I plan on saving that recipe of yours and trying it soon. Thank you! Karen

    • Hi Karen – Yes, I now know the perfect future gift for any coffee lovers in my life. The recipe is so easy and delicious – you can make it using any blend too. I’ll have to try the Peets – I have not seen that one yet.

  3. I love my Keurig~ Will try this recipe. Love your white coffee cups, can you tell us where you purchased them?
    Thank you for the post!


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