Our Kid Made Easter Table Setting & Holiday Festivities

Our Kid Made Easter Table Setting & Holiday Festivities

To get back into the swing of things, I thought I would share a recap of our Easter Festivities. I know it’s been over two weeks – however, this year I passed the decorating off to the kids and let them take over our Easter Tablescape. My six year old niece, Brianna, came up with many of the ideas and I was so thrilled with her design work, I just had to share. I really enjoyed keeping it low key and casual this time around – as typically I am running around the week of trying to find the right fabric to make a custom runner and napkins – so it was real treat letting it all go and keeping it simple.

Painted Table Runner
To get the kids started I pulled out the big roll of Kraft paper – my favorite inexpensive paper party table covering – along with some acrylics and round paint sponges.

Painted Place Setting
I went around the table and outlined the settings with a marker, using a scalloped platter for the guide. Then CJ, Brianna and my two nephews went to town dabbing in the circles with different color dots. Brianna picked out all of the best Easter colors to use so each place setting was different.

Easter Tablescape

place setting
We used our simple white dinnerware with silver chargers, mixed pastel napkins – and Brianna choose the butterflies for embellishments. They were cut with the silhouette machine using a few different paper patterns she also chose.

Easter Tablescape
She placed one at each setting then scattered the rest around the table.

Easter Tulips
We planted tulips and pansies in some mixed containers for the center of the table.

Table Setting

The flowers doubled a mini take home favors.

Two large glass hurricanes were added for some dinner candlelight. The outside of the hurricanes were wrapped with cut scrapbook paper – we used the fancy decorative scissors to cut the scallop top and just double sided tape to secure it t o the glass. A smaller glass hurricane, holding the candle, was then set inside and the space between the two was stuffed with paper Easter grass.

Easter Table

Easter Butterfly


Dinner Tickets
Brianna also made dinner tickets for each guest {once they were redeemed you received a plate}.

Dinner Questions
We brought out the Family Dinner Box of Questions – even though these are labeled ages 6+ there is lots of fun for all inside this mini box of conversation starters. The answers the kids come up with just melt my heart.



Easter Centerpiece
Our Easter table setting was delightfully fun and set a comfortable scene for our traditional dinner – which was just delish!

Easter Egg Hunt
It turned out to be a beautiful day.

Some other festive fun…
Easter Crafts
A note to the Easter Bunny… CJ wrote it all by himself – he is drawing a carrot  in the picture above 😉

Easter Bunny Carrots
It says Dear Easter Bunny …. and again, totally melts my heart.

Easter Carrots
We left it at our doorstep along with some carrots.

Easter Eggs Easter Eggs

Easter Basket

Easter Basket

Easter Basket

Easter Chick
This little chick was a big hit.

Easter Chick

Funny Glasses
So were these fun pop out eyeball glasses.

Funny Glasses
The simple tiny trinkets won him over.

Wooden Marble Run
The wooden marble run was more for Daddy…

Marble Run
We have had the Basic Set for a couple of years and Butch has been longing to add on…the new set is called vertigo.

Marble Run


Baby Chickens
Spring also brought three new additions…

Baby Chicks
I’ll share more about our three little girls in another post…they are literally growing bigger by the day. It’s only been a couple of weeks but their feathers are really coming in and they look completely different from the pictures above. This is our first round of chicks so we are pretty excited to watch them grow and learn more about them.

Great Dane
And just because I don’t want to leave anyone out….

Hope your holiday was as blessed as mine and your spring is off to a fabulous start – enjoy.


  1. How lovely! I love all the children’s creative ideas and how they are so heart warming too. What a loving family you have.

  2. You always do the cutest table settings! Love this one too. I’m glad I”m not the only who posted Easter things after Easter!! 🙂

    • Thank you Heather. I know, this post is way overdue 🙂 I was debating but decided to post it anyhow….my niece was so proud and if anything it’s worth posting just for her!

  3. I always look forward to your posts, Stephanie Lynn. Your Easter table looks so sweet. I love all the plants and craft paper idea. I bet the kids really enjoyed helping out. How fun to incorporate a game at the table too. You have the best ideas. Glad your son enjoyed his Easter gifts.

  4. Fun to see your family Easter celebration, Stephanie Lynn. Love the butterflies, note for the Easter Bunny (I saved all of those) and the sweet baby chicks!

  5. if your 6-yr-old niece can pull that table off at so young an age i say “look out world!”
    wonderful job and great pics too 🙂

  6. I’m in love with those silver chargers! I have gold and red, but now I’m going to have to add silver to the mix. What a creative idea to use scrapbook paper around the hurricanes. I love how that is so simple to change up for each holiday too. You have a beautiful family. Can’t wait to hear more about the chicks! I also just noticed you’re on Instagram. Yay! I’m excited to start following you there too. Have a great week!


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