Red Oak Trees | Earth Day Plantings

Red Oak Trees | Earth Day Plantings

Happy Friday my friends. I long for sunny warm weekends in the spring and the next couple days are looking pretty good. I may even attempt to start freshening up the deck tomorrow.  The past couple of weeks we have been working on getting the garden beds together and in honor of Earth Day we decided to add two red oak trees to the yard.
Red Oak Trees
We picked red oak trees because they are said to be fast growers and fairly tolerant of different soil variations.

Planting a Red Oak Tree
Plus they turn beautiful vibrant colors in the fall…

Planting a Red Oak
…from yellow-brown to bright russet red.

Red Oak Tree
Even though we are surrounded by woods – this is our first ‘big’ tree purchase.

Red Oak Trees
Each red oak tree stands over 10 feet tall… right now.

Red Oak Tree
Though in optimal growing conditions red oak trees can grow as much as two feet a year.

Planting Trees
Up to a whopping 60-90 feet tall.

Red Oak Tree
They also produce acorns which are said to be the favorites of some of our outdoor friends like blue jays, wild turkeys and deer.

Red Oak Tree
Just this week catkins have started to appear and the leaves have started to form on both trees.

Red Oak Tree
We are pretty excited to watch them grow.

Anyone else plant something special this week or have outdoor plans this weekend?


  1. I finally planted my snap dragons and hubs planted his tomatoes outside. We had snow here almost 2 weeks ago so we were quite hesitant to rush planting anything outside. My purple hyacinths died during the last snow/freeze, bummer as I love how they smell and look. It was nice one day then boom we get it again, supposed to be 80 by Tuesday. I got 2 loads dried on line today, one hung later so I’m happy. Love hanging out my laundry.
    Your trees are awesome, they’ve already got a good start. There weren’t any trees on our lot except for way in back but some elm trees decided to show up on their own right on fence line in front. Will be long time before they’re offering any shade. Your place is so pretty with all the trees around, hope your new trees grow quickly. Happy Weekend

    • The weather has been the same here so far this spring – back and forth, from day to day. Sorry to hear about your hyacinths. We have been pretty lucky as our temperatures have not dropped below freezing – though I’m still a little weary the way this season is going.

      Hope you have a wonderful weekend – Thanks Jane!

  2. Your place looks beautiful. I love all the trees you have around you. I am in Arizona, and unfortunately, spring has been here for quite a while. About two months ago I got all the gardens ready to go and planted with seeds and even surprised the kids and planted a group of cherry bushes and rows of corn. I love to see their faces when the check the progress of the corn, already two feet tall and counting. It is going to start getting pretty hot this weekend, so not looking forward to that. The funny thing that keeps me laughing with weather like we have is that by the time I finish hanging up a load of clothes on the line to dry, I can go back and check and they are almost ready to be taken off the line. God has a funny sense of humor….even he thinks it is too hot to leave the clothes outside very long. Good luck with the red oaks, I am sure they will be beautiful in the fall! Have a great weekend.

    • Thanks so much Sam. I am a little envious of your ‘hot weather’ right now – though soon enough I am sure I’ll be agreeing with you and saying the opposite.

      I have specifically looked at cherry trees the past couple of trips I have made to the garden center. So funny you have mentioned them. Are cherries fairly easy to grow? I really want to try a citrus tree as well but I can’t seem to find any locally – at least not yet.

      Have a fantastic weekend and stay cool 🙂

  3. Those are going to be gorgeous! Little guy is super cute too. I haven’t done much outside…except plant some onions!

  4. Love these pics. The last one of your little guy is the best!! Such a sweet expression. 🙂

  5. Your property is beautiful and your son is sooo cute!! I feel you can’t have too many trees because they are good for everything in nature. In south Texas, we’ve had a cooler than usual spring, but can still plant everything we want. Red oak trees grow wild in the hill country, and in the fall it’s really beautiful looking out over the changing colors. Thank you for sharing! Lynda


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