Outdoor Living Space Essentials | a sneak peek of the deck

Outdoor Living Space Essentials | a sneak peek of the deck

This post brought to you by TIKI Brand®. All opinions are 100% mine.

We have been working on our outdoor living space now for a couple of years.  It all began with the idea, layout, and build of our ‘diy party deck‘ – which eventually, today, has evolved into a much-used outdoor extension of our indoor family living room. While it has taken some time for our particular outdoor living space to completely come together – I have always believed the simple addition of a few key essentials could make any outdoor space feel cozy and inviting.

outdoor living space essentials

When TIKI Brand asked me to share my ideal outdoor living space – I had no problem putting my list of essentials together.

1- Comfortable cozy seating

2- an Area rug to define the space

3- Outdoor curtain panels to soften the space and add privacy

4- Plants, flowers, and trees – lots of them!

5- Lighting to create that special ambiance – candles, solar lights, torches

6- Accessories & outdoor decor – wall art, decorative pillows, side tables & garden stools

7- a Patio heater – for cool summer nights

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And here’s a little peek at how I have incorporated these essentials into our own space….

We have been quite busy this spring crossing off some of the outdoor projects on our list. While I share more specifics and details a little later – I thought this would be perfect opportunity to sneak in a preview…

That comfortable cozy seating goal we had set for this year has been achieved with the addition of our new diy outdoor sofas. We designed the plans to fit perfectly in the space and while Butch built them – I painstakingly sewed all of the cushions and pillows.

I usually tend to over-think our outdoor lighting situation – I think a variation in lighting plays a big part in creating just the right mood for a space. See, I love the glowing ambiance of a fire element – especially outdoors – however it is not always ideal on a wooden deck with the active boy and an over-sized doggie.

While the actual open flame elements are kept to a minimum – I still feel the need to add a few to the tabletops. In addition to traditional candles I really like the idea of this TIKI Brand Slate Oil Candle. It not only has a sleek slate finish but it is refillable too – perfect for daily lighting.

And for those times when we are looking for that soft glowing ambiance without exposed flames – we turn to solar or LED lighting.

Both of these convenient lighting options can be found in the TIKI Brand Glowing Torch Line which combines the best of both worlds; natural flame and LED lighting.

The TIKI Brand Glowing Table Torch is handcrafted of decorative art glass with a built in multi-color LED display. While the top fuel canister can be filled and lit for natural flame the LED bottom can be turned on to illuminate the glass from within. The LED light can be used with or with the natural flame – and you have the option of choosing a solid white light display or a constantly changing light pattern of red, blue and green – which is my little guys favorite… check out the visual below.

Another new product is this TIKI Brand Flame & Solar Torch. This two in one product combines the natural flame of a traditional torch and a removable LED solar light. I tucked the torch in our homemade patio paver planters.

I just need seven more to complete the look 🙂

The natural slate finish coordinates with the oil candle shown above – a bit fancier and more durable than a traditional bamboo construction you normally see.

The solar-powered LED top is completely removable and automatically turns on at night. I love that the light flickers just like a natural flame plus it lasts up to 8 hours when fully charged.

I really like the fact that these products both contain two usable features in one and can be easily moved around the deck to create instant added ambiance where needed.

Plus, both of these products can be used with the Bitefighter Cedar Oil Torch Fuel – which offers mosquito repellency to help keep those pesky suckers away – p.s. I highly recommend the snap & pour spout.

Does your outdoor living space become the best room of the house this time of year?

Our does – without a doubt.

In fact CJ has already claimed this corner as his own little nook.

The TIKI Brand Glowing Table Torch and TIKI Brand Flame & Solar Torch  are both available at Wal-Mart & Target. To view all of the TIKI Brand Glowing Torch varieties visit tikibrand.com as well TIKI Brand on Facebook.

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  1. Your space is gorgeous!!!!Love the zen-vibe it gives off, so relaxing ! I adore the home-made planters, the look gorgeous on your deck too!!!

  2. It’s like you’ve added another new room to your house. Can you tell me, is it possible for you to leave all these smaller things outside every day? At my place everything would be blown around, and what about the rain, that would knock things over here. Is my place the exception?
    P.S. LOVE your dog!

    • Hi Julie. This particular part of the deck is covered by another deck level above it so that helps tremendously with protecting everything from the elements. The deck also sits up high – off the second level – so that helps as well.

      We pretty much leave everything sitting out throughout the summer. With the exception of the regular candle and drink tray – everything else is either made for the outdoors or durable enough to make it through the seasonal elements around here.

      Thanks for the comment – we love our big dane too 😉

  3. Oh what a gorgeous area and I love how you have furnished and accessorized it. Stunning. I would love for you to link up to my Inspire Me party this evening. This is definitley inspiring. http://www.astrollthrulife.net Hugs, Marty

  4. It looks lovely! Such a nice and relaxing spot to spend some time outdoors. Love it!

  5. Anna Starner :

    I have not been following you very long so today I happened to take a look at your about me. After reading about CJ I wanted to tell you about a blog that I’m sure you would find very inspiring if you have never heard or read it. I happen to have a number of friends with children across the autistic spectrum. I know some of them are following Carly’s voice. Here is the link http://carlysvoice.com/home/aboutcarly/
    Your outdoor space is beautiful. I have to weigh everything down, run chains through my curtains and sweep constantly and still it isn’t as lovely as your deck. Love your seating!!!

    • Hi Anna – I greatly appreciate the link and look forward to checking it out. I would love to know how you weight your curtains down 😉 While the pictures were taken it was pretty calm – though they do tend to blow around quite a bit. I never thought of weighing them down. Thanks so much for the kind comments.

      • Anna Starner :

        The only thing I could come up with that was heavy enough was to run chain through the hem. I had tried regular curtain weights, the rope style curtain weights and even clipped tablecloth weight on the bottom. Nothing was heavy enough to keep them from blowing and getting caught in my plants and knocking things everything down.

  6. thespicysaffron :

    Hi Stephanie,
    Just found your blog through pinterest. Its a beautiful beautiful blog!! Looking forward to exploring and reading through your posts in the next few days. Keep up the good work!
    You have turned the deck into such a cozy space! Loving the plants too 🙂

  7. Stephanie,

    As usual, you have created a calm and inviting space! I’m blessed with a long -though narrow- front porch. I want to build (with two discarded pallets) a cushioned pallet couch on my front porch and hang grommeted curtains to make a “smoking” room for my husband and daughter who smoke. It will keep them from lingering in the kitchen blowing out the window or at the back door letting bugs in!

  8. You have created such a lovely outdoor living area. That couch you built and the pillows you sewed are just great. Your hard work sure shows and paid off in a big way!


  9. You have created a beautiful space. I am envious of it all!! And might I add, a very handsome dog .

  10. Kelli @ Television in mirror :

    Wow that is truly amazing work. Outdoor area is my favourite place in my home……

  11. wow, what an outdoor oasis…Pinning this…ist that doggie a Great Dane??? LOVES

  12. I love this space! I hope to make our outdoors nice and cozy like this as well too!

  13. Steve Rodgers :

    That looks amazing!! I’ve been working on my deck for about a year now. Its’s starting to come together very nicely. I just bought new metal table bases and chairs, and they really make it look nice. Thanks for the post!

  14. This is great. Thanks for sharing

  15. Oh my word I have just happened upon my dream outdoor living area. You are an amazingly talented lady to put that together, I love every bit of it.
    I would love a wrap around porch with all those details you have put together, however here in the Scottish Highlands it just isn’t practical – sadly!
    Loving the Dane 🙂 I have one too, they’re the most amazing breed ever aren’t they. Funnily enough I usually find that people who own Danes often also own German shepherds and/or horses, I’m not sure why it works out this way lol.
    I may just have to go and make your porch my screen saver.
    Thank you for sharing

  16. This is such a gorgeous area! I love all you have done here.


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