Backyard Hammock | Refreshing the Outdoors for Summer

Backyard Hammock | Refreshing the Outdoors for Summer

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There is nothing quite visually relaxing as a backyard hammock strung between two trees. To me they are a simple reminder to slow down, take it easy, and just savor the moment – which summer is suppose to be all about.

Backyard Playground

While we need that visual reminder around here, sometimes – the idea of adding a hammock to our own backyard never really occurred to us until this year.

Refreshing the playground area is one thing on our list – which we started this spring. It began by removing a small garden I had planted between those two big trees shown above. Once it was gone, Butch and I both looked at each other and simultaneously proclaimed it to be the perfect spot for a backyard hammock.

Outdoor Hammock

The enticing Father’s Day ads I kept spotting from World Market were embedded in my head and upon checking them out online, I was delighted to find they carry a two person double hammock. Bigger is always better and the more the merrier – right? This was the first time I have ever ordered from World Market online and was thrilled as it quickly arrived – even better than anticipated.

How to Hang a Hammock

Taking care not to damage the tree we hung the hammock with two ratchet straps typically made for tie down applications. I loved the idea of this hanging method as the hooks on the straps make it super easy to remove the hammock if need be.

Backyard Hammock

The hammock did come with a removable pad and pillow though I opted to replace them with some neutral colored linens I already had.

Rope Hammock

To give you an idea of the size – those are two twin sized cream pillows shown above.

Outdoor String Lights

Next up was the addition of some lights to set the tone. Globe string lights carelessly strung outdoors are my favorite – and these two trees gave me the perfect opportunity to use them.

Outdoor Globe Lights

I ended up picking up two sets of string lights – one set of clear glass and one set of the frosted bulbs. The clear globe lights give off quite a bit of light – so to defer the brightness I alternated the bulbs on both sets.


While visiting World Market I can’t help but stroll through every nook and cranny – you just never know what you just may find or be able to re-purpose into something else. This trip I felt like I struck gold in the bath department when I found the madras tray table, pictured above. I have a little thing for bar carts right now and thought the tray table would be the perfect addition to the backyard for summer.

Outdoor Snack Cart

It is generous in size and lightweight at the same time – so it’s going to be easy to move around the yard as needed.

Outdoor Entertaining

I thought it would make a perfect little snack station down at the playground area for the kiddies – so no one would have to make that long trek back up to the house multiple times throughout the day. {and I am mainly talking about me or Butch}

Snack Cart

World Market

The little kids really get a kick out of being able to grab a snack from the cart whenever they want.

Glass Drink Dispenser

Having ice cold water readily available is wonderful too! This one is the Glass Yorkshire Dispenser and I just adore the classic vintage mason jar look. I just fill it to the rim with ice, add water and toss in some fresh lemon and lime slices.

Outdoor Bar Cart

I have a new summer love – it’s called Zoku – and I just want to scream it from the rooftops…

Zoku Pops

See these adorable popsicles – they were made in just minutes in the Zoku – and I am totally addicted to this little machine. It’s is perfect for my little guy as I am able to make homemade pops all natural, allergy free so he can enjoy them too.

The kids get a kick out helping make them too. It is kind of like magic. For our cousins weekend the kids picked strawberry lemonade and watermelon mint.

We made them the night before and kept them in the freezer until treat time. World Market carries the extra pop sticks so you can always have a generous supply of homemade pops on hand.

Homemade Zoku Pops

We served them over ice in a hammered karhai, which is traditionally an Indian wok. I have frequently used the smaller ones for serving bowls but just picked up the larger size during my last shopping trip. It’s stainless steel so perfect for holding the ice and staying cool.

Backyard Hammock

I can’t wait to put together some new popsicle combinations.

Backyard Hammock

Zoku Popsicles

I’ll definitely be sharing more about this gem throughout the summer.

Hammock Swing

Backyard Books

We spend as much time as we can outdoors and while the kiddies are usually running around exploring,  they love to lay around and take it all in just as much.

Kids Backyard

The basket of books was utilized outside more than I could have ever imagined….and will definitely be brought back out on a daily basis.

World Market Summer

Here are the cousins in the hammock – it fits all three of them comfortably. Did I mention it’s rated capacity is 350 pounds.

Kids Hammock

Having these three in it together alone is definitly worth getting the bigger size.

Hammock in the Woods

I am still not quite sure why it has taken this long to add a backyard hammock to our outdoor space.

World Market Summer

Kids Summer Play Yard

I just adore the comfort it adds to this wooded corner of the property – that has otherwise gone unnoticed.

Kids Playhouse

Plus the fact it’s in the perfect vincinty for overseeing the playhouse.

Backyard Fun

This has officially been declared the new summertime hang out space.

Backyard Hammock

Our little secret summer getaway – right in our own backyard.

 photo SummerGetaway_CPWM_zps01e44b8f.png

Are you planning a summer getaway this year?

Enter the World Market’s Great Summer Getaway Sweepstakes for a chance to win one of four great summer getaways for four people – anywhere Southwest Airlines flies. The four weekly grand prize packages include Southwest Airlines airfare for four, hotel accomodations, and a $500 World Market gift card.

World Market Backyard Refresh

Check out more online from World Market including Outdoor FurniturePicnic gearBeach gear and more.

Here is to a fabulous summer ~ enjoy.

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  1. You’re the BEST!

  2. What a perfect retreat! Too perfect that I thinkk you’ll have a hard time getting those kids away from that restful spot! Love it!!!!

  3. Wonderful!

  4. Sunny Osburn :

    I want to come to cousin summer camp, too! Looks wonderful!

  5. Such a picturesque place to hang your hammock. Love all the pretty pictures, the kids looks so happy and the treats look yummy. I’m heading over now 😉

  6. I love this water dispenser, but cant’ get it as I live in Ontario Canada!!! I was out all day searching for one,and here is a beautiful one on your post! What a gorgeous place to relax.


  7. Such a relaxing post. 🙂

  8. Another gorgeous project Stephanie Lynn! You are so talented! You created such a gorgeous space and the kids look so relaxed…which is perfect for a hot day! Angie xo

  9. wow, that is awesome..on my way now…making sure that hammock is comfy

  10. Penny Brown :

    I think we’re going to start a project at our backyard as well! There’s nothing better than reading a good book under the tree branches while sipping on a lemonade and enjoying the rays of sunshine coming through the leaves. These pictures brought me straight back to childhood. You are right, we need to take more time for our children, and ourselves – enjoy the moment, relax and make room for new ideas.

    Best of luck to you and your readers,


  11. I’m curious about the string lights. I’d love to put lights but I have no electrical outlet outdoors. Did you have to have an electrician set it up? It looks like it’s just a wooded area with trees so how were you able to add the light? Thanks!

  12. so cute, where & how did you plug in the lights?

  13. Looks inviting!! Are the lights battery operated?

  14. Hello! First off – beautiful! I am wondering how you “powered” the lights strings? Thanks!

  15. Love this! Do you have electricity out there for your lights or are they battery operated?

  16. Where did you plug the lights in ?



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