No-Sew Scented Sachets | quick & easy homemade gifts

No-Sew Scented Sachets | quick & easy homemade gifts

This weekend my niece and I made some quick and easy, no-sew scented sachets.

No-Sew Sachets
My niece is a huge gift giver and when she comes to visit, one of biggest things on her agenda is crafting. Every handmade project she completes is specifically assigned to make someone special on her list smile. Since she has quite a large heart and the list sometimes seems never-ending – quick and easy craft projects keeps us both busy and entertained.

Michaels Arts & Crafts Fabric
Before starting our craft endeavors this week we spent some time checking out a few samples from the new fabric line at Michael’s Arts and Crafts. No more waiting in line for measuring and cutting, as Michael’s new line is conveniently pre-cut, packaged and ready to go. The line includes a mix of cotton, canvas, burlap, felt, faux fur, crushed velvet and tulle.

No Sew Lavender Sachets
The fabric is available in an array of fun patterns, colors and designs – like the natural burlap she picked out – stamped with a vintage typewriter key print.

The burlap weave was perfect for some no-sew scented sachets. They are not only incredibly easy to put together but make great little gifts that can be used so many different ways. The no-sew scented sachets are great for closets, drawers, linens, luggage, and even your car.

Materials Needed:
Fusible Bonding Tape
Dried Lavender, potpourri, or other scented filler {see below}

Also needed: scissors, iron

Lavender Sachets
Begin by cutting two matching pieces of fabric to size – one for the front and one for the back of the sachet. Any size or shape object can be used as a template or a square can simply be created from scratch. We wanted larger sized sachets so we used a packaged suet cake
we had on hand as a template.

No Sew Scented Sachets

Handmade Sachets
Lay one of the fabric pieces right side down and line three of the four sides with fusible bonding tape.

Place the other piece of fabric on top – carefully lining up the edges of the two pieces – and iron to adhere the two pieces together, following the manufactures directions.
This only takes seconds to complete.

Make Your Own Sachets
Fill the sachet through the open end with dried lavender or scented potpourri.

No Sew Lavender Sachets
Scented rice can also be used as a filler. To make the scented rice simply mix 1/2 cup of regular rice with 10 drops or so of essential or fragrance oils.

No Sew Fabric Sachets
To finish, close the last open edge with an additional piece of fusible bonding tape.

Once complete, trim the edges of the sachet, if needed.
The fusible bonding tape not only seals the burlap but prevents it from fraying.

No Sew Fabric Crafts
The edges could also be trimmed with Pinking Shears to add a more decorative touch.

No Sew Fabric Crafts
Each no-sew scented sachet takes less than 5 minutes to make, making these a quick and easy gift to put together – especially with a little pair of helping hands.

I’ll be sharing another project next week highlighting more of this new line of fabric from Michael’s. In the meantime check out Michael’s Pinterest board for more crafting inspiration.


  1. I had no idea Michael’s carried those cute fabrics now! What a great idea! When I read the words “no-sew,” I knew this would be something I’d like. 🙂 I like the idea of using plain rice and just adding essential oils to it. That makes it so easy. Thanks for this great idea! I’m thinking it would be great for Christmas gifts too. 🙂

  2. I just love this idea and so simple for kids to help make. Thanks so much for sharing. And this year I started growing lavender for the first time ever so will have my own to fill the bags with! Lis

  3. This is a project that is both quick and very creative. The possibilities are endless regarding the fabric and filler. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  4. I’m so glad to know about the fabrics at Michaels too! I am a big fan of printed burlap but it is so expensive at our fabric store in town that I can’t afford it. Maybe it’s a bit more affordable at Michaels. Can you share the price range on these fabric swatches? I know all Micheals are different and prices change from location to location but it’d give me an idea on how much the price compares to what the fabric store here charges for a yard. – Karen

  5. Michelle H. :

    What a great idea! The weave looks pretty loose on the burlap….do you think the rice might poke through? If so, could you suggest a cheap liner that still lets the scent come through? Thanks so much for sharing.

  6. Such a cute and fun thing to make! 🙂 Love the material that was chosen too! Happy New week! xo Holly

  7. Crafty grandma :

    I was just at Micheals a few days ago, guess I didn’t notice they carry fabric or maybe not! I was just outdoors looking at my lavender plants thinking I should do something with them and you came to my rescue! You are a mind reader! TFS

  8. What are the dimensions of your fabric squares?

  9. Laura Costello :

    Hi there!! I wanted to make some of these myself and most tutorials included way to much sewing and fussing. This is such a simple and effect way. Thank you for sharing. I particularly like the part with the rice (never knew that one!)xx

  10. Kisane Appleby :

    Thank you for this lovely idea! 🙂

    In Australia I can’t seem to find fusible binding tape – I am guessing it is the same as our hemming tape . 🙂 BUT just to be sure – does yours iron on or just stick with no ironing? Thank you – a lovely project 🙂



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