Laptop Skin | make your own custom vinyl computer decals

Laptop Skin | make your own custom vinyl computer decals

Make Your Own Laptop Skin Decals | While the Silhouette was out this weekend I decided to add a little glam to the laptop. I love the fact that vinyl can be added to virtually anything for an instant update – It usually takes me longer to pick out a design than to actually cut and apply it.

Vinyl Laptop Skin
I ordered this gold vinyl during the last Silhouette sale and I’m totally loving it.
It’s my favorite tone of gold with a perfect sheen.
f.y.i – The buy one get one free vinyl promo is extended until the 14th

‘Skins’ are simply decorative decals used to add some personality to your electronics. I have purchased a couple in the past however it’s fun to design and cut your own too – especially if you change your mind frequently or get tired of a design.

Since many laptops are wider than the average Silhouette settings – there are a few changes needed in the design software in order to cut one long piece of vinyl.

Whether you have a Silhouette SD or the Cameo, vinyl can be cut in any length you desire.

Silhouette Cameo Tutorial
When you open the Silhouette software and begin a project,
the page is automatically scaled to the size of the cutting mat.

To change the length – open up the Silhouette software and click on the Page Tools Window Icon
{as shown above}.

Silhouette Tutorial
Then simply enter the desired width of your project –
this will end up being the length of the vinyl you want to cut.

Adjust the height as well – which would be the width of your vinyl roll.
The standard rolls are typically 9 inches wide.

Reminder – there is no need to use a cutting mat when cutting vinyl –
you can load it into the machine, right off the roll.

Cutting Long Pieces of Vinyl
These changes will adjust the scale of your working area. Now you’re ready to start designing.

confetti circles
The circle confetti design was used for this project. The fun polka dots reminded me of the Kate Spade (sold out gold) ‘ticker tape‘ and (current) ‘market street‘ designs.

Silhouette Vinyl
The design was added, then copied and pasted to cover the full width of the design area.
(select the object, right click – copy, then right click and paste)

I wanted to delete some of the half circles -where the two designs meet.
To do this select the object, right click – ungroup – as shown above

Confetti Circles
This will allow you to individually select and delete the any of the circles you do not want in the design – as well as move them around, if needed.

Silhouette Crafts

Gold Vinyl
Once the vinyl was cut the negative space not needed in the design was peeled away.

Silhouette Transfer Paper
Transfer paper was then used to transfer the design to the laptop.

Gold Vinyl Accents
You can read more about using transfer paper here: How to Apply Cut Vinyl to Glass

Kate Spade Inspired Ticker Tape

DIY Laptop Decal

Vinyl Laptop Skin
So simple with a touch of glam.

Laptop Monogram
I also cut another layered monogram.
I used the same monogram design and technique – it was just resized and cut using the gold vinyl.

Such a simple and fun way to dress up an otherwise plain case – think of all the possibilities!

p.s. the silhouette cameo winner was announced today.
I wish I had one to give away to every single one of you! Have a fabulous week!


  1. Lovely idea! Will try jazzing up my laptop too! looks great!


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