How to Layer Heat Transfer Material | silhouette layered monogram

How to Layer Heat Transfer Material | silhouette layered monogram

Today I have a quick and easy Silhouette tutorial to share on how to layer heat transfer material.

Layer Heat Transfer Material
There were a few specific questions about the layered monogram used on the Fabric Covered Cooler a few weeks ago. The process is quite straightforward and is as simple as layering one piece of heat transfer material right on top of another.

The heat transfer material is available in an array of colors and two different finishes – smooth and flocked (which has a fuzzy raised texture to it). The material comes in a roll, with transfer tape already adhered to the back – and once cut, the design is simply ‘ironed on’.

Tips for using the heat transfer material with your Silhouette:
*All fonts and images should be mirrored/reversed prior to cutting
*You do not need to use any cutting mats with the heat transfer – simply feed it directly into the Silhouette.
*One side of the heat transfer paper has a visible clear plastic coating on it – you want to make sure this ‘shiny’ side is facing down when feeding the material into the machine}

The Layered Monogram uses the same basic principles as the decals that were cut for the
cast iron handle covers.

Vinyl Monogram
The following  images were purchased from the Silhouette online store for the
Fabric Covered Cooler monogram:
Antique Dolly and the Monogram Script in three letters
(you can certainly use fonts right from your computer, however,
these are already sized, ready to use and cost 99 cents each)

Silhouette Digital Cutter
The Antique Doily was used as the base of the monogram and cut in smooth black.

Making a Vinyl Monogram
Two simple circles were drawn using the ‘circle’ tool on the right hand side of the design software.  These were just an added embellishment.

Notice how the monogram letters are separated above. Since the script letters overlap – the easiest way to cut the material is to separate the center letter
(otherwise all of the intersecting cuts would have to be welded together }

Smooth white heat transfer material was used for the letters and circle.

Once all of the designs are cut, peel away the ‘negative parts’ from the plastic backing –
leaving only the parts of the decal you want to transfer.

Silhouette Heat Transfer Material
Begin by positioning the first layer of heat transfer on your desired surface – the shiny side should be on top. Follow the directions on the heat transfer package for ironing. The top sheet will peel away very easily when it has been pressed for the correct amount of time – this should only take a minute or so. If you are having any troubles, lay the sheet back down and press again.

Heat Transfer Monogram
Once the first layer has completely cooled, place the second layer of heat transfer material right on top – as shown above. Cover with a cloth and press with the iron, checking every 10 seconds.

Layered Heat Transfer Material
It will only take 20-30 seconds for the second layer of heat transfer to adhere. The best way to tell is to look for tiny bubbles between the decal and the transfer sheet – the transfer sheet should then, peel right away.

Silhouette Monogram
Once cooled, position the third layer and press again – following the steps above.

Layered Heat Transfer Material

Layered Heat Transfer Monogram
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I’ve enjoyed reading through all your project ideas – so much so
that tonight there will be an impromptu
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For those of you new to the Silhouette world, it will provide a great starting point for some new project ideas
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See you then.


  1. I want one of these zebra print fabric covered coolers!! I have a silhouette so I know how to do the iron on monogram, how did you put the fabric on the cooler??? That is AWESOME!!


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