Printable Thanksgiving Menu Template | making printables with the silhouette machine

Printable Thanksgiving Menu Template | making printables with the silhouette machine

Printable Thanksgiving Menu | This week I’m putting together our Thanksgiving table. For any entertaining that involves serving food I always like to print out a menu for our guests. It not only is a quick and simple way to display what will be served for the guests, but mainly keeps me on track in the kitchen as I get the dishes together.

Free Thanksgiving Printable
This years printable was designed using the software that came with my Silhouette machine. I find the Studio Designer software to be incredibly easy to use – especially when resizing, aligning and customizing designs. Plus, with so many great graphics and pre-made images in my library – it takes just a few clicks to put together a design fit for any occasion.

While the main benefit of the Silhouette machine is the ability to cut cardstock, vinyl, fabric and more – designs can also be customized to print right to your home computer.

The step by step tutorial below details how to make printables with the Silhouette Machine – however, I have also included some Printable Thanksgiving Menu templates anyone can download and print for the upcoming holiday.

Printable Thanksgiving Menu
The printable Thanksgiving menus are blank, as shown above, and can be customized by simply adding your planned dinner dishes. The files can be downloaded below the tutorial and are in PDF form – sized to fit a 5×7 or 8×10 picture frame.

How to Make Printables Using the Silhouette Machine

Silhouette Print TutorialStep 1 – Open a new page in the Silhouette Studio Designer.

Step 2 – Open the Page Tools Window – as shown above.

Step 3 – Adjust the page to the Letter Setting, 8.5 X 11 – as shown above.

Silhouette PrintStep 4 – Open the Registration Marks Setting Window and check the Show Reg Marks box – as shown above.
The registration marks are not necessary if you are just printing your design – though it’s a good habit to just check this box incase you ever want to print and cut the design.

Silhouette Print and CutStep 5 – Add the desired image to the design page.

Step 6  – Right click the image and select Ungroup.

How to Print using the SilhouetteStep 7 – Right click the image again and select Make Compound Path.

Printing using the SilhouetteStep 8 – With the image selected, Open the Fill Color Window – as shown above.

Silhouette PrintingStep 9 – Select a Fill Color choice to fill the image. Whatever color is selected, is the color that will print.

Fill Patterns SilhouetteBesides using solid colors, images can also be filled with Gradient Color (using the Fill Gradient Window) – as well as Patterns (using the Fill Pattern Window) – as shown above.

Printing using the SilhouetteStep 10 – Once all of the desire images are added and your design is complete – click File and Print – as shown above.

Creating a PDF with the SilhouetteStep 11 – From the pop-up print box, select the PDF button in the lower left hand corner and Save as PDF – as shown above. This will save your design to your computer as a PDF, which then can be opened and printed.

Printable Thanksgiving Dinner Menu
To download a free copy of the Printable Thanksgiving Menu click the links below. You do not need a Silhouette machine to print these.
Orange & Gray 5X7 Printable Thanksgiving Menu
Black & Gray 5X7 Printable Thanksgiving Menu
Black & Gray 8X10 Printable Thanksgiving Menu
Tan & Gray 5×7 Printable Thanksgiving Menu

Free Printable Thanksgiving Menu
For this years menu I printed out the template, trimmed around the border, and used double sided tape to adhere it to a piece of decorative scrapbook paper.

Thanksgiving Dinner Menu
The menus can be customized by adding your planned dishes. They are sized to fit a 5×7 or 8X10 frame, as noted above. If you don’t have a program to edit the PDF/image you can print it out then insert it back into your printer to print the menu. You can also simply print out the template, place in a picture frame and hand write the menu on the glass using a dry erase marker
{as I did for the Dinner Menu Frame}.

Printable Thanksgiving Menu

Free Printable Thanksgiving Dinner Menu
Have you picked out a theme for your holiday table this year? Thanksgiving is one of my favorites!

Printable Dinner Menu


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