Easy Wine Bottle Gift Bags | homemade paper bag bottle wrap with #duckthehalls

Easy Wine Bottle Gift Bags | homemade paper bag bottle wrap with #duckthehalls

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Easy Wine Bottle Gift Bags – homemade paper bag bottle wrap with #duckthehalls | A bottle of wine or liquor is one of our favorite last minute gifts for holiday parties. It’s an easy last minute ‘no-brainer’ especially during this busy time of year.

Brown Paper Bag Wine Bags

There are so many different options to dress up the bottle – though if you are pressed for time here’s a simple solution requiring just a few brown paper lunch bags and some festive Duck Brand® tape.

Brown paper Bag Gift Bags

Material Needed:

  • Brown Paper Lunch Bags (3 per bottle)
  • Duck Tape®
  • Ribbon

Tools Needed: Scissors, Hole Punch

Lunch Bag Wine Wrap

Step One: Double two of the brown paper lunch bags. This will become the bottom of the gift bag.

Easy Way to Wrap a Wine Bottle

Step Two: Cut the bottom off the third bag – as shown above.

How to Wrap a Wine Bottle

Step Three: Place the bottle of wine/liquor into the doubled bag.

Paper Bag Wine Wrap

Step Four: Pull the cut bag on top and adjust so the top of the bottle is about an inch or so below the top of bag.

Easy Paper Bag Wine Wrap

Step Five: Remove the bottle and begin taping the two bags together with Duck Tape®. It is easier to use two pieces of tape, one for the front of the bag and one for the back – as shown above and below.

Duck Tape Wine Wrap

Duck Tape Paper Bag Gift Wrap

Step Six: Add the speciality tape. For these particular bags two solid color bands of black Duck Tape® were used as a base to highlight a band of the speciality tape.

Glitter Duck Tape #DuckTheHalls

Duck Glitter® Crafting Tape in Silver (shown above) was used, as well as the Snowman and Penguin Printed Duck Tape® (shown below).

Duck Tape Gift bag

Step Seven: Using a paper hole punch, punch holes on each side of the bag.

Homemade Gift Bag

Step Eight: Fold the top of the bag down – twice, for a finished look.

Homemade Duck Tape Gift bag

Step Nine: Line the top of the bag with more Duck Tape®. Just a strip will do – right at the top.

Brown Lunch Bag Gift bag

Step Ten: Finish with some ribbon – looped around the bag and through the punched holes.

Duck Tape Wine Bag #DuckTheHalls

Then just tuck in your bottle.

Paper Bag Wine Wrap

Wine Wrapping Ideas

Each bag takes less than 5 minutes – plus they can be made as tall as needed – which is perfect for those wine or liquor bottles that will be tucked inside.

Brown paper Bag Gift Bags

The Duck the Halls Holiday Designs make these gift bags festively fun for the season – though with the wide variety of everyday Duck Tape® prints these easy and inexpensive gift bags can be made and used year round.

Easy Wine Bottle Bag

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