Homemade Paper Holly Ball Ornaments | handmade ornament no. 17

Homemade Paper Holly Ball Ornaments | handmade ornament no. 17

Homemade Paper Holly Ball Ornaments | Welcome to the Fourth Annual Handmade Ornament Series. This week a line up of fabulous friends will be stopping in each day to share some creative Homemade Christmas Ornament ideas.

Please welcome guest number seventeen, Brandi from Don’t Disturb This Groove

Homemade Paper Holly Ball Ornament

I’m not sure whether I was in grade school or Girl Scouts, but I definitely remember making handmade ornaments as a child.  I was so proud of myself and couldn’t wait to give them to my mom so she could hang them on our tree.

 photo 58960706-2f2f-4f8e-816b-5f973d944883_zps42ce92ce.jpg

Now that I’m a mother I cherish handmade ornaments from my kids. Thanks to Stephanie Lynn, I’m excited to share with you a simple paper ornament I made with my children!

 photo 7e87fd29-32c9-4b57-9651-dd92322ddfd8_zpsdd95394d.jpg
The ornament we made was inspired from this post by Camille Styles.  We started by gathering all of our supplies which we had on hand.

-hole punch
-round object for tracing
-scrapbook paper
-hot glue gun

 photo 0a2e2bb8-0bca-4cf6-a7b1-005a50dba89d_zps353361ad.jpg

Begin by deciding how large you would like your ornament to be, then trace and cut out 2 circles and set aside.

 photo 934fca97-ccc0-4839-87ee-e05346983f17_zps9f5d8dc4.jpg

Next you will need to cut out your paper strips.  I decided to make our ornament fuller than my inspiration picture, so we ended up using about 40 strips of paper.

 photo bc7c0eb4-fce4-4606-ae2e-6f9d73271633_zps73dc4111.jpg

Before cutting, punch a hole in the center of each strip marked by the lines of your ruler.

 photo 9780ffb0-b438-4d33-b553-4966942ec40a_zpsb84c7519.jpg

After each paper strip has been cut begin placing them around one of circles you cut in the beginning step; with the hole-punched edge facing out.  Make sure each strip is placed even in length and each strip slightly overlaps the strip before it.

 photo 3891adad-3e53-4b21-9106-ebae3813a7fb_zps54ff9b5b.jpg

I began hot gluing the paper strips around the circle, making sure to get them straight across from each other as best as possible.  This tip will allow your ornament to tie closed with ease.

 photo b94d5a62-ebcd-4d1b-b118-7a642d12e933_zpsba47504a.jpg

Place the second, circle cut out on top of the center of the ornament.

 photo c1ccdbd1-de73-4422-910e-1832f3f15476_zps2bb9e2aa.jpg

String ribbon through the holes of each strip…

 photo b9d81061-6256-41b6-b67a-1ca2c2e7ad10_zps9f5ced07.jpg

and gently pull closed and tie a knot.

 photo 8fd0f6a1-763e-47d4-b440-a6ccf0740f79_zpsc314ffb9.jpg

To keep the holiday theme going added felt holly and berries.

 photo d4f8bf9c-5e2c-4fd9-a894-e995c1ccc9e2_zpsa8a97123.jpg

Instead of hanging our ornament on the tree, we decided to make a special place for it on our shelf.

 photo 58960706-2f2f-4f8e-816b-5f973d944883_zps42ce92ce.jpg

I hope you enjoyed it!  Thanks so much Stephanie Lynn for inviting me to join in on all the fun!  Such an honor to be here.

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