Orange Birdseed Ornaments | Homemade Citrus Bird Feeders

Orange Birdseed Ornaments | Homemade Citrus Bird Feeders

Orange Birdseed Ornaments – Homemade Citrus Bird Feeders | I have one more outdoor ornament to share today – another fun birdseed ornament.

Birdseed Treats
We’ve been using the same gelatin based ‘recipe’ for the birdseed mixture for a few years now and have stuffed in just about every kind of mold we could find. It turns hard and dry when it is left to set properly and holds together very well.

Orange Bird Feeders
This time around we stuffed the birdseed recipe into orange rinds.
The inside pulp we give to chickens, so it’s a win – win.

How to Make an Orange Bird Feeder
This is one of CJ’s favorite ‘crafts’ to help with so I usually pick up smaller sized fruit for his little hands (mandarins, clementines) – though any citrus fruit would work.

The Gelatin Birdseed Mixture Recipe is the same one we use for our
Birdseed Wreath and Homemade Birdseed Cakes.

Make an Orange Bird Feeder
Just mix two envelopes of Knox Gelatin (approximately 4 tablespoons) to 1 Cup of water. Simmer on the stovetop, over low heat, until the gelatin has completely dissolved. Then stir in 2 Cups of Birdseed.

Birdseed Filled Oranges
To prepare the citrus: cut one end – just enough so you are able to get in and scrape the rind clean – don’t waste the pulp though – it’s still good!

Poke a small hole through the rind and thread a piece of string on each side for hanging. A large sewing needle can be used or even the end of a metal skewer.

Pack the rind with the birdseed mixture ‘recipe’ and place in the fridge for two hours.

Hanging Orange Bird Feeder
Once the birdseed mixture sets it will be hard to the touch and ready to hang.

Birdseed Ornaments

Homemade Birdseed Ornaments
CJ decided to hang a cluster of them on the rhododendron this time. I love the color they add to the garden and trees this time of year.

Kids Outdoor Craft
The mandarins fit perfectly in his little hands.

How to Make a Birdseed Wreath
We made a double batch of the gelatin birdseed mixture recipe so we had quite a bit left over. We just plopped it into our cake mold and made a birdseed wreath.

Birdseed Wreath
I love these too! The original step by step directions for the wreaths can be found here:
How to Make a Homemade Birdseed Wreath



  1. So creative and fun! The birds must really appreciate them!

  2. Hi lovely lady.
    I had to put this on my facebook page for all to see, Great Idea from you.!!
    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your family. come see me if you can I did put a new Tablescape on for Christmas.

  3. I just saw a birdseed wreath in a store last evening for a whopping $24 and wanted to make one! I’m so happy to wake up to see your posting! 🙂

  4. What sweet little gifts for the birds! I hope the squirrels don’t get to them! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Our birds will love these. Thank you for sharing! i also wanted to let you know I have enjoyed your posts on your decorating MERRY CHRISTMAS

  6. This just might be my favorite craft I have seen this week! Going to make these asap! =)



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