Party Hat Banner Birthday Garland

Party Hat Banner Birthday Garland

Party Hat Banner Birthday Garland | This month we have four family birthdays to celebrate. It’s always fun to start off the first month of the year with dinners, parties, family and friends.

Birthday Chalkboard Art & Party Hat Banner
We actually hosted a family dinner game night a couple weeks ago. In honor of all the January birthdays CJ and I decorated the framed chalkboard wall for the occasion.

Party Hat Birthday Banner
The festive little party hats are made with styrofoam cones – and something we can tuck away and bring out to celebrate other birthdays throughout the year.

Materials Needed:
3 X 2″ FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® White Cones (6/pack)
Acrylic Paint
Assorted Mini Craft Pom-Poms
1″ (25mm) FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® White Balls (16/pack)
White Craft Glue
FloraCraft® Diamond Dust Glitter
String, Yarn, Ribbon or Cording

Tools Needed: Serrated Knife, Paint Brush, Large Sewing Needle

Styrofoam CraftsStep One: Cut the foam cones in half using a serrated knife.

Any rough edges can be ‘sanded’ smooth by lighting rubbing them with another piece of scrap foam.

Painted Styrofoam CraftsStep Two: Paint the foam cones with acrylic paint – or any type of water based craft paint.

Make it Fun Styrofoam Crafts Styrofoam Party HatsStep Three: Attach the craft pom-poms to the top of each cone with a touch of hot glue.

Floracraft Diamond Dust Styrofoam GlitterStep Four: Cover the mini foam balls with glitter.

For easy handling, insert a wooden skewer into the foam to use as a handle. Brush on a layer of white craft glue, using a paint brush, covering the entire foam ball – then immediately dip the foam ball into the jar of FloraCraft® Diamond Dust Glitter. The wooden skewer helps to maneuver the ball around in the glitter ensuring total glitter coverage.

Styrofoam Craft Ideas
Once the glue dries it hardens the glitter as well. CJ called them baby snowballs.

Party Hat Garland BannerStep Five: Using a large sewing needle, string the garland together. Braided nylon cord was used for our garland – though any type of string, yarn, or ribbon can be used. The needle was thread through the center of the foam hats and balls, alternating each.

Party Hat Birthday Garland
The foam hats and balls are not secured into place so they can be adjusted once the banner is hung.

Styrofoam Party Hat Banner - Make it Fun Crafts
We hung the Party Hat Banner Birthday Garland on our framed chalkboard wall and added some chalkboard art. I used one of Kelli’s Birthday Printables as a guide.

Just a small subtle touch of birthday fun.

Styrofoam Party Hat Banner Birthday Garland
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  1. Cute, cute, cute! And so pretty in a rainbow of colors. Happy Birthday to everyone!

  2. I absolutely love this idea, thanks for sharing! =)

  3. Seriously creative and seriously CUTE!!! Pinned! (:

  4. How adorable !!!

  5. So so cute Stephanie Lynn! Love your model/helper too 😉 What a Qt! I super like the idea that you can tuck it away and use it throughout the year. Then it gets a little history, and next thing you know, it’s a “tradition” 🙂


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