Linen Closet Organization

Linen Closet Organization

Linen Closet Organization | In an effort to put this brutal winter weather behind us (and ‘spring forward’ just a bit), I dedicated some time over the past couple of weeks
to get our linen closet in order.

Linen Closet Organization
The closet, located right in the middle of our second floor hallway, has been a dedicated stash and store concealed behind two closed doors. I never really gave a purpose to the closet as our laundry room is located right around the corner – and a majority of items that we use on a regular basis
are tucked away in there.

After the closet was completely emptied I let it set for a couple of weeks to determine what really needed to go back in – which gave me a chance to work on the cosmetics.

Painting Supplies
I started off with some paint. Paint is such an easy update and the perfect way to add a little unexpected color to any closet. Here are the supplies I grabbed –
a few that are especially helpful for smaller spaces:

4 Inch Roller Frame & covers
Painter’s Choice Cotton Rags
Wooster 2 1/2 inch Ultra Pro Angle Sash Paintbrush – great cut-in control
EasyCare® Ultra Premium Paint & Primer in One – one coat coverage & low VOC
Painter’s Tape
4 inch Paint Tray

Linen Closet
When we first moved in the inside of the closet received a quick fresh coat of white – though you can still see the ‘standard beige’ still lingering on the doors above.

If you’re working with an empty closet here is an easy way to build closet shelves – the same method we used to build closet shoe shelves in our entryway.

Painted Linen Closet
The shelving and trim received a new coat of Bright White
and the walls and doors were painted with Pressurized.

Linen Closet Design
Prior to putting together a plan for the ‘accessories’ – I drew up a little cheat sheet that contained the shelf measurements and dimensions plus a list of items that needed to fit back into the closet.

Having a little cheat sheet when shopping helps keep me on track and takes the guessing out of whether something is going to fit or not. In this case the shelf dimensions were so helpful in getting the most out of space when it came to shopping for baskets and bins.

Contact Paper ShelvesContact Paper: Each freshly painted shelf was lined with plain, white, self-adhesive contact paper. It took just a few minutes to measure, cut, and put in place – plus you can’t even tell it’s there unless you look closely.

I find the extra layer helps protect things that do not get used frequently and tend to lay in the same space for quite some time – especially on freshly painted shelves. The contact paper also helps the baskets and bins slide in and out much smoother – while preventing any scratches or damage to the wooden shelves themselves.

Shelf Dividers Shelf BracketsShelf Brackets: Simple wooden shelf brackets, typically used to support hanging shelves, were re-purposed as dividers for a couple of the shelves.

DIY Closet Shelf DividersInstead of permanently screwing them into the wooden shelves I decided to use mounting putty. I have had so much success with Loctite Fun-Tak on multiple applications – like the Wooden Alphabet Wall Art in the school room – it holds, and lasts, wonderfully – not one letter has fallen in two years!

Linen Closet Shelf Dividers
The dividers were used on two of the shelves and when in place – not only look organized but help corral the stacks of towels and quilts.

Organize a Linen ClosetStorage Bins: As much as I admire the beauty of a nicely stacked set of sheets I have to admit, our fitted sheets usually get rolled-up into a ball-like shape. I do fold the flats though – It’s my (not so secret) secret.

I decided to line one whole shelf with storage bins help organize such things and keep them pleasing to the eye.

Organizing SheetsThe four bins separate and organize our king sheets, queen sheets, pillowcases, and throw blankets.

I also picked up an extra bin to hold the Home Emergency Kit stored in the closet, for this level of our home.

DIY Rolling Storage TubsRolling Storage Totes: To utilize the floor space in the closet I created two rolling storage containers with a few simple supplies from True Value.

First, a hand drill was used to drill four holes into the bottom of a plastic storage container, one in each corner.

DIY Rolling Storage ContainersThen four plastic casters were inserted into each hole and secured with nuts.

Quick, easy and sturdy – even though ours will only be holding our extra supply of paper towels and toilet paper.

Cordless Closet Light Insta BulbCloset Light: No wiring…just peel and stick – seriously that easy. One of those ‘as seen on tv’ products I grabbed on impulse and thought what the heck – turns out I’m a big fan.

Cordless Closet LightSee the little pull cord? The InstaBulb is made of a durable shatterproof plastic and is battery operated. The perfect addition to add a little light to a tall closet without any electric.

Organize a Linen ClosetDoor Hooks:  Just another additional storage option utilizing typical unused space. I’ve tried a few different products in the past but still go back to the over the door hooks for anything with some weight to it.

Linen Closet Ideas

Linen Closet Ideas

Linen Closet Shelf Labels
The last thing on the list was a few pretty labels. Mainly for decoration – though perfect for guiding Butch in the right direction when he needs to find something on his own….

Storage Bins with Wheels
The metal bookplate labels are from avery and they just peel and stick. I gave them a coat of my favorite gold metallic spray paint.

How to Organize a Linen Closet

Linen Closet Shelf Labels
And I found some decorative adhesive labels the same size as the shelf boards – for the ‘shelf labels’.

Linen Closet

Organize a Linen Closet

How to Fold Sheets - Linen Closet Organization

How to Organize a Linen Closet
Now the closet has a purpose and everything that needed a home has a place.

Linen Closet
Plus I don’t have to worry if a guest accidentally opens either one of these closed doors.

DIY Linen Closet

I was one of the bloggers selected by True Value to work on the DIY Squad. I have been compensated for my time commitment to the program as well as writing about my experience. I have also been compensated for the materials needed for my DIY project. However, the opinions read here are entirely my own and I have not been paid to publish positive comments.


  1. It’s perfection! So organized and so beautiful! I am not even sure which image I will pin!

  2. So wonderful! I love what you have done here! I am so inspired to re-tackle my own closet.

  3. I love your closet. I would never have thought of painting the interior of the doors. Great job!

  4. Love the idea of using brackets, but my linen closet is deeper. Have you seen longer brackets? Thanks.

  5. Oh, thanks, I will check that out. That closet is to die for!

  6. Lady, you make a linen closet look sexy. lol Seriously, fabulous job! I love how you painted the back wall and interior side of the doors the same color. Eye popping!

  7. I love this! How would I go about adding an extra something in the middle just in case it starts to sag, or have you not run into that problem? My shelves in the closet are wired and I love the solid look better!

    • Hi Kathy! I have not had any problems with the shelf sagging. I think if the board used for the shelf is thick and sturdy, it should be fine. The shelf we built in our entry closet has been there since 2011 and is as good as the day we built it.

  8. Where did you get the bins that are holding your sheets? They are marvelous!

  9. I love the paints you selected, and I love the idea of using bins to put sheets in. Helps to keep thing organized. I think this will be my summer project. =) Thanks for the ideas.

  10. This is one of the best DIY closet makeovers that is practical yet BEAUTIFUL! I love your ingenious shelf bracket turned divider and the easy way you mounted it. I live in an apartment so anything that can be mounted without creating a hole in the wall is a PLUS for me! Thank you a millions times over for sharing this awesome idea!


  11. what color is the paint?


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