Plumbing Pipe Table Plans | diy outdoor coffee table

Plumbing Pipe Table Plans | diy outdoor coffee table

Plumbing Pipe Table Plans – diy outdoor coffee table | This post brought to you by Elmer’s ProBond Advanced. All opinions are 100% mine.

We are big fans of durable, easy-to-care-for outdoor furniture. A majority of our outdoor pieces have been hand-built and pressure treated wood has always been our go-to. This time around we decided to mix it up a little bit and add in a touch of metal – plumbing pipe to be exact.

Plumbing Pipe Table

The past couple of years I’ve played with a few different coffee table ideas for this particular outdoor living space on our deck. The area gets used quite a bit and the previous choices could not hold up to the daily wear – especially the glass which I already knew would drive me crazy by the end of season.

So while waiting in the plumbing aisle – for Butch to gather the pieces to replace our outdoor faucets – I started playing around with the pipes and fittings. Sturdy – check, durable – check, plus the pieces could be configured into an actual table that perfectly fit the space.

Plumbing Pipe Table

Materials Needed:

(6) 1/2 inch X 12 inch Steel Pipe

(4) 1/2 inch 90-degree Elbow

(4) 1/2 inch Threaded Tee

(2) 1/2 inch X 30 inch Steel Pipe

2 X 4 Pressure Treated Lumber

5/4 X 6 Pressure Treated Deck Boards

2 inch Coated Outdoor Screws

Elmer’s Wood Glue Max

Elmer’s Pro Bond

Outdoor Spray Paint


Pressure Treated Cut List:

(2) 2 X 4 cut 12 inches long

(3) 5/4 X 6 cut 33 1/2 inches long


Additional Tools Needed: Pipe Wrenches, Miter Saw or Hand Saw, C-Clamps, Wooden Shims

Plumber's Pipe Table

Step One: Connect an elbow to one of the 12 inch pipes. Repeat using a second elbow and 12 inch pipe.

how to Build a Plumber's Pipe Table

Step Two: Using another 12 inch pipe, connect the two pieces made in step one together to form a u-shape – as shown above.

DIY Outdoor Table

Step Three: Attach a threaded tee to each end of the U-shape pipe – as shown below.

Outdoor Table

Make an Outdoor Pipe Table

Tip: Use two pipe wrenches to really tighten the fittings securely.

How to Build an Outdoor Table

Step Four: Attach one of the 30 inch pipes to each tee – as shown above.

Pipe Tables

Step Five: Working on one side of the table, connect a tee to the open end of the 30 inch pipe. Then connect one of the 12 inch pipes and an elbow – then another 12 inch pipe – as shown above.

Build a Table Out of Pipe

Step Six: On the other side of the table, connect a tee to the open end of the 30 inch pipe. Then connect one of the 12 inch pipes and an elbow – as shown above.

Outdoor Table Plans

Step Seven: Connect the final piece of pipe together forming the table base.

Plumber's Pipe Table Plans

To do this, screw the piece of 12 inch into the elbow a far as it will go (see arrow above). Then line up the other end of the pipe to the elbow. Turn the twelve inch pipe to screw it into the elbow – as one end of the 12 inch pipe is being screwed into one elbow – the other end is essentially being ‘backed’ out. You will only need a few turns once the threads grab – and a pipe wrench will be needed.

Plumber's Pipe Table Plans

Step Eight: Construct the top of the table from the pressure treated wood. Line up the three cut deck boards (5/4 X 6 cut 33 1/2 inches long) and place the two cut 2 x4’s as shown above. Secure them together using wood glue and outdoor coated screws.

Step Nine: Spray paint the plumbing pipe table base.

Elmer's ProBond

Step Ten: Attach the table top to the pipe frame using ProBond Advanced. The Probond Advanced is a multi surface adhesive that will bond together a variety of Mixed Materials – like wood to metal.

How to Build an Outdoor Coffee Table

Clamp and let sit to dry for at least 12 hours for a super duty bond. (note: to prevent clamp marks a wooden shim was used to protect the table top surface)

Plumber's Pipe Table

Once the pressure treated wood dries out we will be applying a multi-surface waterproofer to protect the wood.

DIY Outdoor Table

Durable, easy-to-care-for outdoor furniture – this piece surely fits the bill.

Build a Plumber's Pipe Table

Can’t wait to finish power-washing and staining the deck so we can put it in place!

Plumbing Pipe Table Plans

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  1. Love it, we are having a graduation party this year and I will have my hubby whip some of these up. Pinning!!

  2. Fantastic! I never thought of that. Like you we always build from treated lumber. Except here recently I have been constructing garden trellis’s for verticle growing from electrical conduit and string. Gotta love the hardware department,lol

  3. Love the table!!! Was wondering if it would be sturdy enough to use a bench.

  4. That is just over the top gorgeous – pinning !!!
    Thanks so much for sharing ♥

  5. LOVE THIS IDEA! I have to make two of these for our pool deck pronto! Thanks for sharing the step by step!

  6. Love it! Sounds easy enough and would work great for outdoor summer parties!

  7. We have made a vertical garden using un-threaded steel tubes, metal clamps and timber. The same materials you have used jsut for a different purpose. We started building outdoor shelves after being really frustrated at not being able to find good strong outdoor storage solutions


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