How to Make Dinosaur Fossil Rocks | passport to imagination kids crafts

How to Make Dinosaur Fossil Rocks | passport to imagination kids crafts

How to Make Dinosaur Fossil Rocks – Michaels passport to imagination kids crafts | Last week my little guy and I had the pleasure of attending a Passport to Imagination crafting session at Michaels. This summer program for kids is being held in Michaels stores nationwide –
every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, all summer long.

Michaels Passport to Imagination
Each class is packed with crafts inspired by exhibits found throughout some of North America’s best museums. The 2 hour classes cost just $2 and that even includes all of the needed crafting supplies.

Michaels Kids Crafts Passport to Imagination
This week, week 1, we traveled to The Field Museum in Chicago and explored a variety of topics including fossils, dinosaurs, butterflies and tree frogs. The pictures above are all of the projects we had fun making during day 3 of our road trip – a tree frog printing and the life cycle of a butterfly.

I love the fact that the classes provide an easy outline for us to use at home for some continued learning throughout the summer months. The crafting sessions are perfect for sparking that initial interest in a casual but fun way – our seven year old totally enjoyed.

Dinosaur Fossil Rocks
This week we were inspired by the dinosaurs and fossils – so it was naturally fitting to make some Dinosaur Fossil Rocks for one of our in-home projects. This fun hands on activity uses a simple salt dough recipe – which you probably already have the ingredients for, right in your pantry.

Coffee Play Dough Recipe

Salt Dough Recipe for Dinosaur Fossil Rocks
  • 2 Cups of Flour
  • 1 Cup of Salt
  • 1 Cup of Fresh Ground Coffee
  • 1 Cup of Water
  1. In a large mixing bowl combine all of the above ingredients together. Stir together, scraping the sides, until a soft pliable dough has formed.
  2. Assemble the dinosaur fossil rocks following the pictures (at
  3. Leave to air dry for at least two to three days or speed up the process by baking in a 200°F oven until dry and hard. (about 4 hours)


Coffee Grounds Play Dough Recipe

Dinosaur Rocks

Dinosaur Fossil Rocks
Tip: once the rocks are formed, dip your finger in a bowl of water and lightly rub the dough’s surface to smooth out any seams.

Dinosaur Fossil Rocks Kids Craft
I like to bake ours in the oven because it is a lot faster (just line a baking sheet with a piece of parchment paper). Make sure the oven temp does not go over 200°F and turn the rocks every half hour or so to help them dry out evenly. After they have baked for about an hour I add a wire rack to the baking sheet. This lifts the rocks up just a bit and helps speed up the process.
(***before placing the rocks on a wire rack – be sure to bake them for at least an hour so the dough has a good ‘crust’ on it – otherwise the rack will leave indentations in the dough.)

The recipe above produced enough dough to make 3 large rocks – approximately 6 inches x 3 inches big. Our rocks were baked for 4-6 hours.

When ready they will be dry and very hard.

How to Make Dinosaur Dough Eggs Kids Rock Craft

Dinosaur Fossil Eggs Kid Craft

Salt Dough Dinosaur Rocks

How to Make Dinosaur Fossil Rocks Kids Craft

How to Make Dinosaur Fossils

Dinosaur Fossil craft
We are pretty excited to be traveling to the Georgia Aquarium next week.
Catch up with us on Instagram for some adventure updates.

For dates, details and crafting projects be sure to check out the full Passport to Imagination itinerary. You can find local stores and even sign up for classes right online. Happy Crafting!

How to Make Dinosaur Fossil Eggs | Michaels Passport to Imagination Kids Crafts

Shop at MichaelsThis post is brought to you by Michaels . The opinions read here are entirely my own.
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  1. I love the dinosaur fossil idea. My kids are going to love this!

  2. What a fun and creative idea! Looks like fun.

  3. Hi Stephanie!
    Love this!! I’m not a coffee drinker – can I use, used coffee grounds for the ground coffee? Just wanted to clarify…so I don’t mess up. And about how hard do the rocks get?? Thank you so much!!

    • Hi Beth. you can use fresh or previously brewed coffee grounds for the recipe. The recipe is written for fresh – if previously used coffee grounds are used the water in the recipe may need to be adjusted just a bit.

  4. Quick question – are they fresh coffee grounds or used?

  5. For the dinosaur eggs did you use fresh ground coffee or used coffee grinds?

  6. About how many rocks did this make?


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