Sharpie Painted Glass Water Bottle | you gotta regatta #paintyourway

Sharpie Painted Glass Water Bottle | you gotta regatta #paintyourway

Sharpie Painted Glass Water Bottle – you gotta regatta #paintyourway | This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Sharpie, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #PaintYourWay

My niece is getting ready to go to field hockey camp next month – the joys of still being in high school. She spent a few hours this weekend going through the list of necessities to bring, while making a shopping list in the process. Those kind of lists are still so exciting to me!

We decided to throw some crafting time into the mix and began personalizing some of her gear.

Sharpie Painted Water Bottle Lilly Print #paintyourway
We started with a ‘athletic necessity’, on and off the field – a nice water bottle.

During a quick trip to Michaels we picked up the only crafting supplies we needed – Sharpie Paint Markers.

Lilly Pulitzer Print
We decided to customize the bottle with her monogram and part of her favorite Lilly print, a You Gotta Regatta sailboat.

While the designs can definitely be free handed – we used a huge shortcut and trace the design.

The design was cropped and converted to a pencil sketch – we used Picasa’s free software – then printed out on regular paper.

(tip: A copy of the print we used was downloaded right from the Lilly site – they are always sharing new background prints that can downloaded for free on their blog – which we just love!)

Lilly Print Sharpie Markers #paintyourway
From there the parts of the design we wished to trace were colored in with regular markers. This helps tremendously when you have multiple colors to trace.

(note: you can simply print the design in color – however with this particular print it was much easier to just outline the part of the design we wished to trace.)

Painted Water Bottle Lilly Water Bottle
The design was then tucked into the water bottle, aligned, and taped in place.

Hand Painted Lilly Pulitzer Water Bottle
Next the designs were traced, right on the glass with Sharpie Paint Markers. For the glass we choose the oil-based markers. These markers are made to be used on virtually any surface, including glass. Plus they are quick-drying and resistant to water, fading, and abrasion. (much easier than those day of ‘baking’ on the designs) The opaque colors are so vibrant too – plus they dry with a glossy finish.

A couple of tips:

  • start with a clean surface – free of oils and fingerprints
  • shake the markers well, before and during use, to ensure the paint inside is mixed
  • outline the design then fill in the color
  • we traced over our designs three times to achieve rich, vibrant colors on the glass (letting each coat dry completely)
  • occasionally depress the marker tip (on a separate piece of paper) as you are painting to ensure a good continuous paint flow

How to Paint on Glass Surfaces #paintyourway Lilly Print Sharpie Paint Markers
We just love the outcome.

Hand Painted Cooler Water Bottle Lilly Sharpie #Paintyourway
The paint markers are water resistant so care does have to be taken when washing or prolong exposure to water – or the design will peel off.

Handpainted Monogram Water Bootle #PaintYourWay
Here is the monogram we added to the back.

Painted Lilly Pulitzer Water Bottle Cooler
So many possibilities.

A Day in the Life Journal Lilly Pulitzer

Sharpie Paint Marker Lilly Water Bottle #paintyourway
What would you create?

How to Paint on Glass with Sharpies For more paint marker inspiration check out Sharpie on Facebook and Twitter.
And don’t forget to print a 40% coupon here for your next Michaels visit.

Sharpie Painted Glass Water Bottle | you gotta regatta #paintyourway


  1. What a very cute and great idea!! Looks so fun! 🙂
    Have a great week!
    xo Holly

  2. Genius move by putting the template inside the bottle! Beautiful!


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