Summer Fun List | framed summer activities checklist #michaelsmakers

Summer Fun List | framed summer activities checklist #michaelsmakers

Summer Fun List – framed summer activities checklist #michaelsmakers | We have been counting down the days to summer and are pretty excited to celebrate the official first day next weekend. Each summer we have lots of fun things we would like to try and fit in our schedule  – some simple treasures, a couple favorite traditions, a few actual trips and a whole lot of everyday fun.

Summer Activity List Board #michaelsmakers
I fancied up our Summer Fun List a bit – instead of just penciling in the activities on our calendar. The project was inspired by my first monthly challenge with the all new Michaels Makers Blogging Team. I am thrilled to say the least to be one of the 30 handpicked bloggers chosen by Michaels to participate this year!

Summer Activity Board #michaelsmakers
Michaels recently revamped their online shipping site and added some pretty cool features – like free shipping to local stores, project ideas and one click shopping lists. I was pretty excited to try the one click shopping option and ordered all of the supplies for our framed Summer Fun List – based off the chalk message board project.

Framed Summer Activity Checklist #michaelsmakersMaterials Needed:
Studio Décor® Home Collection Classic Frame (24in X 30in)
Craft Smart® Chalkboard Paint
Chalk & Eraser
Craft Smart® Chalk Markers
Vinyl & Transfer Paper (optional)
Embellishments (creatology™ pom-pom garland, journal photo cards, etc.)

Additional Supplies Needed: Craft Smart® Large Area Flat Brush, Scissors, T-Square (ruler), Silhouette Machine, hook, and scraper (optional)

Michaels Frames #michaelsmakersStep One: Take the frame apart. The frame consists of the glass, backer board and a cardboard ‘spacer’ – which will actually be used for the chalkboard background.

Chalkboard PaintStep Two: Paint the cardboard piece with chalkboard paint and let dry. Since this piece is just being used for the frame background, only one coat of paint is needed.

Chalkboard Paint #michaelsmakersStep Three: Season the chalkboard surface by rubbing it with a piece of chalk and wiping with an eraser.

DIY ChalkboardContinue wiping the surface to achieve a nice ‘broken-in’ chalkboard finish.

Silhouette VinylStep Four: Cut the vinyl using a Silhouette machine (or something similar). Each line of the summer activity checklist was cut separately – as shown above. This helps keep the wording straight and spaced evenly. For more information on how to cut long pieces of vinyl with the Silhouette check out our Playroom Wall Art.

p.s. Michaels now carries the Silhouette Machine and supplies conveniently in store (and online)

Alternatively: Instead of using vinyl – the summer activities can be hand written right on the glass using the chalk markers. The markers are a great water-based alternative to chalk that ‘dry’ to prevent smudging. They work just like dry erase markers on glass and wipe right off with a paper towel and a little bit of pressure.

Vinyl on GlassStep Five: Apply the vinyl directly to the frame glass. For more information on how to apply cut vinyl to glass check out our glass carboy water jug. *Don’t forget to clean the glass really well before beginning.

Silhouette Vinyl TutorialA drywall t-square is perfect for large projects like this as they help keep everything aligned and straight. (t-squares can be found in the hardware store)

Broken Glass Frame Craft FailStep Six: Carefully put the frame back together.

Carefully being the key word. I experienced my first major craft fail that I was unable to ‘creatively fix’. Once I was done laying all of the vinyl I found a fingerprint I was trying to clean and accidentally broke the glass – which required all new vinyl and a project start over. Moving around a piece of glass this large is a bit awkward so handle with extreme care 😉

Chalk MarkersStep Seven: Add the check boxes.

Initially I sketched the boxes by hand using the Craft Smart® Chalk Markers. They are a great water-based alternative to chalk that work just like dry erase markers on glass. They wipe right off with a paper towel.

Framed Vinyl SignWhen I re-did the vinyl, the second time around, I made some vinyl squares. I thought they were just easier since I like the uniformity a bit better than my handwriting.

Summer Activity List Board #michaelsmakersStep Eight: Embellish. I added a few extra items to my basket before checking out – like the white pom pom garlands. The instant memories photo journal cards were found in store.

Framed Summer Activity Checklist #michaelsmakersI hope we the chance to fill in all of the checkboxes this summer!

Framed Summer Bucket List - Summer Activities To Do #michaelsmakers
The metal letters were also found in store. They are perfect to leave outdoors – as I’m sure by the end of summer they will develop a nice patina rust.

Summer Bucket List #michaelsmakers

Summer Checklist #michaelsmakers

Polaroid Pictures #michaelsmakers

Framed Summer Bucket List #michaelsmakers

Summer Bucket List Summer To-Do #michaelsmakers
I like the idea of using vinyl as we can bring it out and re-use the same frame, year after year – with the option to make a few changes if necessary.

Summer Fun List | framed summer activities checklist #michaelsmakers

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For more inspiration check out the rest of the projects for this months challenge below – enjoy.

Shop at MichaelsThis post is brought to you by Michaels . The opinions read here are entirely my own.
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  3. What a fun list, and I love the pompom trim. I hope you have a blast working through the list this summer. Congratulations on being selected as a “Michaels Maker.” Can’t wait to see what else you create!


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