Cereal Snack Bar | campfire snacks with kellogg’s cereal #goodnightsnack #cbias

Cereal Snack Bar | campfire snacks with kellogg’s cereal #goodnightsnack #cbias

Cereal Snack Bar – campfire snacks with Kellogg’s cereal #goodnightsnack #cbias | This #shop is sponsored by #CollectiveBias and its advertiser. The story and opinions read here are entirely my own.

Regardless of the season, backyard campfires have always been one of our favorite evening outdoor activities. A crackling fire and a few friends is pretty much all you need for an enjoyable, social night spent under the stars. It’s what I like to call effortless entertaining.

Cereal Snack Bar Campfire Snacks with Kelloggs #goodnightsnack #cbias
A couple of weeks ago we hosted a night out around the campfire for our niece and a few of her friends. Although these impromptu summer gatherings don’t require much prep –  a campfire wouldn’t be a campfire without a few simple treats to snack on. Since many of her friends were sleeping over we decided to create a cereal snack bar that would pull double duty…. good night snacks around the campfire as well as a buffet of easy breakfast options the next morning.

Kelloggs at Walmart #goodnightsnack
We made a quick trip to our local Walmart and headed straight to the cereal aisle so the girls could pick out some of their favorites. While we were there we also picked up a couple bags of candies and of course, we couldn’t forget the marshmallows.

Cereal Bar #goodnightsnack
The only prep work was opening the bags and pouring the cereal into some ‘fancy‘ containers.

Fire Side Snack Bar #goodnightsnack
The scoops made it easy for everyone to create their very own combination of snack mix – in their own individual plain brown paper sack.

Campfire Cereal Snack Bar #goodnightsnack
The girls picked Special K Fruit & Yogurt,

Cereal Snack Bar #goodnightsnack
Froot Loops,

Cereal Trail Snacks #goodnightsnack
Raisin Bran Crunch,

Campfire Trail Mix Bar #goodnightsnack
Krave S’mores,

Snack Bar Camp Fire Snacks #goodnightsnack
and Special K Vanilla Almond.

Camp Fire Trail Mix Snack Bar #goodnightsnack
We also had a few different chocolate candies to toss into the mix.

Fire Pit Snack Bar #goodnightsnack

Campfire Cereal Trail Mix #goodightsnack
What would you add to your special campfire mix?

#backyardchickens #goodnightsnack

Cereal Snacks #goodnightsnack

Campfire Marshmallows #goodnightsnack

Campfire Snack Buffet
Simple, easy, and self serve.

Fireside Snacks

Campfire Snacks #goodnightsnack

Campfire Food #goodnightsnack

Cereal Snack Bar | campfire snacks with kellogg’s cereal #goodnightsnack #cbias


  1. What a great idea! I so have to do this!

  2. Love the mixed bags of cereal – such a perfect idea no matter where you are snacking. #client


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