Cork Wrapped Candle Holders | natural glass hurricane centerpieces #michaelsmakers

Cork Wrapped Candle Holders | natural glass hurricane centerpieces #michaelsmakers

Cork Wrapped Candle Holders – natural glass hurricane centerpieces #michaelsmakers | I have a huge love for glass hurricanes. I pick them up every chance I get and I just can’t seem to collect enough of them. They are so versatile and perfect for adding a touch of candlelight anywhere, indoors or outdoors.

Glass Hurricane Centerpieces #michaelsmakers
I am always looking for new ways to dress the glass up and today I have an incredibly easy update to share – that requires absolutely no crafting skills at all.

The idea for these cork wrapped candle holders was inspired by a new line of natural products from Michaels called Raw Bar. As a member of the Michaels Makers Blogging Team, a fun packaged arrived a couple of weeks ago giving us an exclusive sneak peek of the new products that will be arriving in stores August 8th. The line contains some of my favorite materials to work with – like wood, galvanized metal, chalkboard, canvas, burlap and cork. Our challenge this month was to utilize one these new products in a project.

Centerpiece Ideas #michaelsmakers
I fell in love with the cork ribbon – that is composed of a natural cork surface and a pliable ribbon backing. I took the opportunity to give a couple of plain glass hurricanes a quick and easy update.

Cork Wrapped Candle Holders Natural Glass Hurricane Centerpieces #michaelsmakersMaterials Needed:
Two Ashland™ Cylinder Glass Vases, approximately 6″ wide X 10″ tall
One Roll of Raw Brute Natural Cork Ribbon
Two Ashland® Wax Touch Led Pillar Candles
Four Packs of Ashland® Crushed Shells

Additional Supplies Needed: Scissors, Hot Glue Gun and Hot Glue Sticks

Cork Ribbon #michaelsmakersStep One: Unroll the cork ribbon and cut to size.

The ribbon is approximately 2 1/2 inches wide. The ribbon was first cut in half – as shown above – leaving skinnier ( 1 1/4 inch wide) pieces to create the weave pattern.

Cork Ribbon Crafts #michaelsmakersThree pieces of the ribbon were then cut long enough to go around the entire circumference of the glass vase.

Cork Ribbon Weave #michaelsmakersSmaller pieces of the ribbon were then cut – as shown above – to create the weave pattern.

Cork Ribbon Weave #michaelsmakersStep Two: Lay out the ribbon pieces, creating the weave pattern.

Cork Weave #michaelsmakersEach small strip of ribbon will be weaved into the longer strips, alternating the pattern shown above.

(note: the pieces are spread out in the photo to give a clearer example of the pattern)

Cork Ribbon Candle HolderStep Three: Use a hot glue gun to secure the strips in place.

(note: the hot glue is used on the back side of the ribbon)

Natural Cork Ribbon #michaelsmakersStep Four: Attach the weaved cork ribbon piece to the glass vase using a small amount of hot glue.

Cork Wrapped Centerpiece Ideas #michaelsmakers
Simple, quick and easy – with a natural, neutral look I just adore.

Glass Candle Holder Ideas #michaelsmakers

Glass Hurricane Candle Fillers #michaelsmakers
The crushed shells were used as a filler and made a nice bed to nestle the candles in place.

Decorated Glass Candle Holders #michaelsmakers
The led candles are a favorite as well. I love the realistic look and the fact that they can be used over and over. Plus they are worry free if you have little ones.

Cork Wrapped Candle Holder #michaelsmakers
The hot glue works extremely well on the glass – holding everything in place. I have used it many times without any problems and the best part is when you’re ready for a change it easily peels right off.

Natural Glass Hurricane Centerpiece #michaelsmakers
One roll of the cork ribbon was just enough to cover both vases – however if you look at the photo above you can see one vase is three strips high and the other is two strips high – since we were working with limited preview supplies.

Michaels Stores Raw Bar Line #michaelsmakers

#michaelsmakers Candle Craft Ideas
I’m pretty excited to see this full line arrive in store.

Cork Wrapped Candle Holders | natural glass hurricane centerpieces #michaelsmakers

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For more inspiration check out the rest of the projects for this months challenge below – enjoy.

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  1. I love how such a simple diy project can add such a cute flair to any centerpiece. Great idea! 🙂

  2. I saw (and bought) this ribbon at Michaels for the first time Sat, Sept 20, 2014. My FIRST thought was to do just what you’ve done: wrap a clear glass cylinder vase in cork and insert a candle; then add any other embellishments as desired.


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