Wooden Sharpie Holder | diy pencil marker organizer #staplesbts

Wooden Sharpie Holder | diy pencil marker organizer #staplesbts

Wooden Sharpie Holder – diy pencil marker organizer #staplesbts | This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Staples, but all my opinions are my own. #StaplesBTS #pmedia http://my-disclosur.es/OBsstV

Prepping for back to school gives me an excuse to embellish a little in the school supply department. Honestly, organizing school supplies with my little guy make me quite happy. We’ve been a little obsessed lately finding and identifying the colorful rainbows in many of our back to school supplies. Many of which we have displayed in organizers and containers.

Wooden Sharpie Holder | diy pencil marker organizer #sharpiebts
The Sharpies however – we thought they needed something a little special. Sharpies get used a lot around here – projects, crafts, labels – they are one of our favorites. Plus they can be found in every color under the sun.

We put together this Wooden Sharpie Holder to not only showcase the beautiful rainbow display but to organize the markers and keep them within arm’s reach. For just a few dollars in supplies – we think it makes a great gift idea too!

Plans for a Sharpie Marker HolderMaterials Needed:
2 X 2 Poplar Board (typically sold in 3 foot sections)
7/16 Drill Bit
27/64 Drill Bit
Wood Glue
Stain or Paint
Sharpie Fine 12 Count Markers
Sharpie Ultra Fine 12 Count Markers

Additional Supplies Needed: Hand Drill or Drill Press, Wood Clamps

Sharpie Organization Step One: Cut three 8 inch pieces from the 2 x 2 Poplar board.

Sharpie Organization Step Two: Measure and mark drilling guidelines.

Start with one guideline down the center – then mark off every 5/8 inches for the holes, as shown above.

Draw the guidelines on two (out of the three) pieces of the poplar. There should be a total of 12 marks for the holes on each piece of poplar.

How to Organize Sharpie MarkersStep Three: Drill the holes & sand.

The 7/16 Drill Bit will be used for the Fine Markers and the 27/64 will be used for the Ultra Fine.

A drill press is much easier to use for this process for accuracy and consistency – however the wood can be clamped down and drilled using a hand drill as well.
If you follow along on instagram – our little guy really loved helping with this part.

Once all of the holes are complete sand smooth.

DIY Marker Holder Sharpies Step Four: Stain or paint.

A walnut stain was used on the wooden sharpie holder above to showcase the poplar wood grain.

Let each piece completely dry.

Tip: Be sure to stain the pieces prior to assembly. The dried wood glue (used in the next step) will prevent stain from penetrating the wood if the holder is assembled first.

How to Make a Wooden Pencil Holder Sharpie MarkersStep Six: Assemble the pieces to create the Wooden Sharpie Holder.

Use wood glue between each piece of poplar and clamp together, as shown above. Allow the glue to set and dry for the manufactures recommended time.

Wooden Sharpie Marker Holder Step Seven: Add the Sharpies.

Next is the fun part – the Sharpies!

We picked up our Sharpies at Staples. The 12 count Fine and Ultra Fine Markers were around $7 a pack, however starting on August 10th all Sharpie fine & ultra fine markers and highlighters will be on sale! (while supplies last)

How to Make a Wooden Marker Holder Sharpie Markers

Wooden Sharpie Marker Holder ❤ ❤ ❤

Sharpie Holder Marker Organizer

DIY Sharpie Marker Organizer I’m normally not much for having a lot on my desk…but I just love this colorful display!

Sharpie Markers #sharpiebts

Make a Sharpie Pencil Holder CJ is quite fond of the rainbow display too – he loves the process of taking them all out and putting them all back in – while singing the Rainbow Colors Song.

Sharpie Organizer Pencil Holder

Sharpie Marker Holder


  1. This is beautiful and so simple to make. Now I want one. 🙂 Thank you for sharing.

  2. Super cute! I think my kids would be much too tempted by that pretty display and then I’d have Sharpie all over the place lol

  3. I love this! It does look fun. My (teenage) daughter would LOVE this, she’s a Sharpie freak!

  4. I love seeing coloured pens in a row like this, in rainbow order. When I was little I had a pack of felt pens in my Christmas stocking every year and used to love keeping them in the packet in the right order for as long as I could. Takes me back!


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