Maryland Flag Christmas Tree in honor of Pathfinders for Autism | #christmasinthecommunity

Maryland Flag Christmas Tree in honor of Pathfinders for Autism | #christmasinthecommunity

Maryland Flag Christmas Tree in honor of Pathfinders for Autism #christmasinthecommunity | Our holiday season was extra special this year as we had the opportunity to take part in Christmas Tree Market’s Christmas in the Community Campaign.

Autism Pathfinders Among Us Christmas Tree #christmasinthecommunity
Christmas Tree Market selected thirteen bloggers across the United States to participate in sharing the beauty of the season by giving them the chance to give back to organizations within their communities.

We choose an organization very near and dear to our heart – Pathfinders for Autism.

Pathfinders for Autism Charity Christmas Tree #christmasinthecommunity
Pathfinders for Autism was established as a nonprofit organization in February 2000 by parents of children with autism, including Baltimore Orioles Hall of Famer William “B.J.” Surhoff and his wife Polly Winde Surhoff. After 18 months of development, Pathfinders for Autism launched the Pathfinders for Autism Resource Center – offering knowledgeable staff and a searchable online database to help families in Maryland find critical service providers quickly and efficiently.

Since then, Pathfinders for Autism has grown into the State’s largest autism organization dedicated to helping individuals, parents and professionals find resources, supports and training while working to increase the awareness of autism spectrum disorders and advocating for the needs of individuals with autism and their families. All of Pathfinders for Autism’s programs are offered for free and include: Resource Center, Parent and Professional Training, Community Safety, Recreational activities and Awareness campaigns

Autism Christmas Tree For Pathfinders of Maryland #christmasinthecommunity
The theme for the 6.5′ Pre Lit Kennedy Fir Tree was based upon the Pathfinder’s logo, which incorporates the Maryland State flag.

Maryland State Flag Christmas Tree #christmasinthecommunity

Maryland Christmas Tree Pathfinders for Autism #christmasinthecommunity
The Maryland State Flag was showcased in the ribbon – a printed grosgrain layered on top a wide black glittered ribbon.

Maryland Pathfinders Autism Christmas Tree #christmasinthecommunity
The Pathfinders logo was highlighted throughout the tree in these
mini framed ornaments from Michaels.

Christmas in the Community Maryland State Tree for Autism
The rest of the ornaments were kept simple, representing the colors of the Maryland State Flag –
Red, Yellow and Black.

Christmas Tree Market #christmasinthecommunity

Christmas in the Community

Christmas in the Community Christmas Tree Market Maryland Autism Tree

Christmas Tree Market Pathfinders for Autism Tree #christmasinthecommunity

Maryland State Christmas Tree #christmasinthecommunity
We are so grateful to be able to give back to Pathfinders for Autism this holiday season. The past couple of years they have not only offered their support and guidance, but have provided us many opportunities to get out and enjoy activities in the community with our little guy –
as a family, without any inhibitions.

Maryland State Flag Christmas Tree #christmasinthecommunity
Special thanks to Christmas Tree Market, Jennifer Lutz,
and the Christmas in the Community campaign for making this gift possible.

Baltimore Maryland Tree Pathfinders for Autism #christmasinthecommunity

Maryland Flag Christmas Tree in honor of Pathfinders for Autism #christmasinthecommunity


  1. Beautiful ribbon, Stephanie! I have several friends who have children with Autism at different levels and I think this is a wonderful way to honor and give back.

  2. Stephanie,

    Any idea where the ribbon with the Maryland State Flag was found for purchase? My husband is from Maryland and his son who is 13 has autism. I thought this might be a great idea for a craft for next year’s tree. We live in TN now.



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