Mini Easter Piñatas | make your own carrot pinata

Mini Easter Piñatas | make your own carrot pinata

Mini Easter Piñatas – make your own carrot piñata #DisneyEaster | This shop is sponsored by #CollectiveBias and its advertiser. The story and opinions read here are entirely my own.

Spring is officially here and I’m really looking forward to celebrating Easter. Since it is right around the corner I already started putting together an Easter basket for my little guy.

Each year I enjoy creating a basket centered around a theme and this year is no different.

CJ loves to open things right now. Not just presents – but anything that comes inside of any type of packaging. He is mesmerized by the whole ‘opening’ process. So this year I thought I would put a little spin on his basket and created a series of Mini Easter Piñatas for him to open up.

Mini Easter Piñatas | make your own carrot piñata #Easter #DisneyEaster
These Mini Easter Piñatas have the same concept of the traditional decorated containers, however, they are small enough to fit in little hands and much easier to break open
(no sticks required or even that gooey paper mache ).

The best part is they are super easy to put together and require just a few inexpensive supplies.

Mini Easter Piñata #DisneyEaster
Mini Easter Piñatas
Materials Needed:
Toys and Trinkets
Paper Party Hats
Easter Grass or Shredded Paper
Green Tissue Paper
Orange Crepe Paper Streamer
Green Crepe Paper Streamer
Glue Sticks

Additional Supplies Needed: Scissors

#DisneyEaster Marvel Toys Step One: Gather small toys and trinkets to fill the piñatas.

Easter Piñata Step Two: Remove the strings from the party hats. Fill each hat with Easter grass or shredded paper.

Mini Easter Pinatas #dsineyeasterTuck in a toy or trinket.

How to Make a Mini Piñata Step Three: Cut a sheet of tissue paper in half.

Wrap the (half) sheet of tissue paper around the party hat – leaving the top open – creating a cone shape.

Mini Pinatas Take the other half of tissue paper, crumble it in a ball shape and place it inside the cone – on top of the trinket.

**This piece of tissue will help create the round-shaped top of the carrot.

How to Make a Mini Pinata #disneyeasterTwist the remaining tissue to seal the top of piñata – as shown above.

Crepe Paper Fringe for Pinatas Step Four: Cut a long piece of orange crepe paper streamer.

Fold the streamer multiple times – keeping all of the layers evenly aligned.

Fringe cut the bottom of the streamer with scissors. Each cut should go about 3/4’s through the folded streamer and be evenly spaced, as shown above.

Crepe Paper FringeThe crepe streamers can become pretty thick once they are folded. Use a heavy pair of shears if you can or simply use smaller sections of crepe paper for nice clean cuts.

Mini Pinata for EasterStep Five: Starting at the bottom point, begin wrapping the fringed streamer around the cone. A regular glue stick works perfectly fine since both materials are light weight.

Easter Pinata BasketsLayer each round slightly higher then the last – ensuring the green tissue is completely covered.

Make a Mini PinataContinue wrapping the fringed streamer all the way up to the bottom of stem.

Make Mini Pinatas Step Six: Fringe cut a piece of green crepe paper streamer, as outlined above for the orange.

Carrot Piñata Trim the stem with scissors to a proportional size. Unfold the streamer and begin wrapping the stem – starting at the top.

The fringe should be layered in the opposite direction of the orange fringe, as shown above.

Continue wrapping until you reach the bottom – then fluff the tissue.

Mini Easter Pinatas #disneyEaster

#disneyeaster Marvel ToysSince my little guy is crushing on the Marvel Heroes right now that is going to be the theme of his Easter basket this year. I was able to find a good amount of small toys and trinkets to fit in the piñatas at Walmart. They even have a dedicated Marvel themed spot in their Easter section this year.

#DisneyEaster at Walmart Marvel Toys

Marvel Easter Piñata #disneyeaster

Disney Easter Basket #disneyeasterp.s. The Marvel Playskool Super Hero figures fit perfectly in the Iron Man Easter Eggs 😉

Mini Easter Piñatas #DisneyEaster

Mini Piñata Easter Carrot #disneyeaster

Mini Easter Piñata #disneyeaster

Easter Piñata #disneyeaster

DIY Mini Piñatas #DisneyEaster

How to Make an Easter Mini Piñata #DisneyEaster

Marvel Easter Basket #DisneyEaster
For bigger items, roll and cut a piece of posterboard into the shape of a party hat to create a larger cone. I made them for these 12 inch Avengers Figures and the posterboard works perfectly. I just used a little tape to hold things in place and a bit more tissue paper.
p.s. Marvel Avengers Fans – these figures are on rollback for just $7.88 each

DIY Mini Easter Piñata #DisneyEaster

Mini Easter Piñatas | Make your own carrot Piñata #DisneyEaster


  1. How creative and cute! Will be keeping in mind for gifts for my little guy:)

  2. What wonderful timing our son has so many food allergies so a traditional basket is out. This is perfect timing.
    Thank you for sharing with us. Happy Easter in advance.

  3. How very clever!

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  6. So cute! I am definitely going to try it this year! Thanks.

  7. This is such a cute idea! I know my girls will love these.

  8. That is one of the cutest things I’ve EVER Seen! Such a creative way to wrap a little Easter gift! #client

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    What an amazing, fun, and exciting way to liven up an already awesome Easter basket! Kudos to your creativity and Happy Easter from all of us at Felt Ball Rug!! 🙂


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