Pie Bar Dessert Table | fourth of july dessert station

Pie Bar Dessert Table | fourth of july dessert station

Pie Bar Dessert Table | fourth of july dessert station #michaelsmakers | With summer right around the corner I’ve already starting planning some fun celebrations for the upcoming months. We love to entertain and planning different party themes is one of my passions.

As a toast to the last challenge of the season, this month the Michaels Makers team is celebrating each of the six holidays this summer with gifts, baked treats and parties! My challenge was based upon one of my favorite holidays of the year – the Fourth of July!

Pie Bar Dessert Table | fourth of july dessert station #michaelsmakers
Since every celebration calls for some tasty desserts I put together an All American Pie Bar incorporating some good old red, white and blue. 98% of the supplies to create this Fourth of July dessert station were picked up right at my local Michaels  – minus the whipped cream, pies, and ice cream.

When it comes to entertaining I believe everything is in the details and presentation. It doesn’t have to be complicated or cost a ton of money. All of the decor for this pie bar table is created using inexpensive basic party supplies and takes just a couple of hours to prepare. The basic concept for this dessert table can be used for any holiday or celebration by simply adjusting the color palette.

I’ll be sharing all of the do-it-yourself decor ideas, including the homemade wooden cake stands, and free printables in some upcoming posts and will update the links below once they are published.

Pie Bar Dessert Table | fourth of july dessert station

Pie Bar Dessert Table | fourth of july dessert station #michaelsmakers

Wooden cake plate stands were made at staggering heights to display the selection of pies.

Fourth of July Pie Dessert Table #michaelsmakers
They are incredibly easy to make and I will definitely be putting these to good use throughout the summer. They are so versatile and a perfect addition to any food table.

DIY Dessert Cake Plates Pie Bar #michaelsmakers
The step by step tutorial can be found here: DIY Cake Plate Dessert Stands

DIY Cake Plates Pie Bar Party #michaelsmakers

Pie Bar Party Cake Stands #micahelsmakers

Fourth of July Dessert Table #michaelsmakers
Decorative frames from the Michaels dollar bins, along with some printable pie labels, were used to identify each of the pies.

Pie Dessert Bar #michaelsmakers
The Pie Bar Printables will be available next week.

Pie Bar Party #michaelsmakers

Pie Bar Dessert Table #michaelsmakers

How to Set up a Pie Dessert Bar #michaelsmakers

Fourth of July Dessert Ideas #micahelsmakers

Fourth of July Party Ideas #michaelsmakers

Fourth of July Dessert Bar #michaelsmakers
For any guest that likes their pie a la mode, don’t forget the ice cream.

Ice Cream Pie Dessert Bar #michelsmakers
Pre packaged ice cream cups keep it simple and self-serve.

These were tossed in an Ashland® Apothecary Jar. I prettied up the inside with some scrapbook paper and labeled the front of the jar with vinyl I cut with my Silhouette. (Alphabet stickers would also work)

I also wrapped the whipped cream can with a piece of scrapbook paper to go along with the theme.

Pie Bar Dessert Table Fourth of July #michaelsmakers
As mentioned above, the decor is a series of simple do-it-yourself projects made with basic party supplies.

Fourth of July Balloon Garland #michaelsmakers
Latex balloons were used to create the red, white and blue balloon garland.

Balloon Garland Dessert Pie Bar #michaelsmakers
This project is so simple and creates a backdrop for your table with a big wow factor.

It only requires inexpensive latex balloons and some string…plus a whole lot of air. The tutorial will be coming up shortly.

Fourth of July Party Dessert Bar #Michaelsmakers
The tassel garland is another easy project that packs a big punch for party decor.

Tissue Paper Tassel Garland #michaelsmakers
It’s solely made with sheets of tissue paper.

Marquee Lights Dessert Bar #michaelsmakers
I also had to incorporate some Marquee Love into the mix. I have been a little obsessed with these diy marquee letters since using the kits for my party drink bar. I love how they can be customized to fit any theme – plus lights are battery operated!

I simply spray painted the stars with favorite gold spray paint so I can use them over and over – no matter what the theme.

Pie Bar Party Fourth of July #michaelsmakers

Pie Dessert Table Take Home Pie Boxes #michaelsmakers
The final piece of the pie bar dessert table is some take home pie boxes.

DIY Pie Boxes Dessert Bar #michaelsmakers
These are also homemade – cut from some Recollections® Cardstock Paper.
I’ll be sharing the cut out template and Fourth of July printables next week.

Dessert Bar Pie Boxes #michaelsmakers
To jazz up the plain kraft paper I added some pom poms, made with tissue paper, along with blue and white bakers twine to seal the boxes.

Fourth of July Pie Bar Dessert Table #micahelsmakers
Simple, fun and festive. I’m so excited to celebrate the summer. Let the festivities begin!

Michaels Makers Celebration Challenge

Pie Bar Dessert Table | fourth of july dessert station #michaelsmakers
Shop at MichaelsThis post is brought to you by Michaels . The opinions read here are entirely my own. Michaels is celebrating every occasion this summer with gifts for Moms, Dads and teachers, and parties to celebrate birthdays, graduation, and the 4th of July! It’s never too early to get started on your next party or celebration – Michaels.com has more project ideas and instructions for you and your kids to make this year – check out projects for Mother’s Day , Father’s Day, graduation, birthday and even summer. Let’s celebrate!

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  1. I love it! At first I was, “NO, don’t rush the summer!” but then I read the entire post. How fun to be involved with Michaels and what a great idea you had and all the details are so perfect for the Fourth of July! I especially love the raised wooden cake plates! I am looking forward to the tutorial! I have pinned this to my Fourth of July board! Hugs! Chloe

  2. Antiquible You :

    Yay, Summer!!

  3. This is lovely!!

  4. Wow! Very well done! I love the stand that the pies are on and how the ice cream is stored. The whole set up is very tasteful without being too much or over the top.

    I am craving some pie. lol

  5. Love, love, love this! Can you show us how to make that wooden cake stands!!! thanks so much.. keep it up with your gorgeous work!



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