Drip Paint Flower Pots | terra cotta toad house kids craft

Drip Paint Flower Pots | terra cotta toad house kids craft

Drip Paint Flower Pots | terra cotta toad house kids craft – Who knew freely dripping paint right out of the bottle could be so mesmerizing? My little guy was so captivated by this simple project and I have to admit, I totally loved every minute of it as well.

How to Make Drip Paint Flower Pots - Terra Cotta Toad Houses #Summer #kidscraft @Michaels Stores #madewithmichaels
These Drip Paint Flower Pots originally started out as an attempt to fancy up some easy terra cotta toad houses for the garden. Once we were done I adored the colorful pots so much, I just had to keep some for our plants.

Michaels Passport to Imagination - Kids Crafts
We were inspired to create the houses for our garden toads last year during our Passport to Imagination Classes. Michaels offers these in-store crafting sessions designed just for the kiddies over the summer months. The sessions for this year begin in just a couple of weeks and we are pretty excited to sign up again.

Michaels Passport to Imagination Kids Crafts
Each week is centered around different themes. Last year Frogs and Toads just happen to be one of CJ’s favorite topics.

CJ loves hands on activities so these classes are a great starting point for us to continue some fun home studies throughout the summer months.

Drip Paint Flower Pot Craft
Time spent outdoors with my little guy, especially when we get to craft together, is a little slice of heaven.

Drip Paint Flower Pots
Materials Needed:
Terra Cotta Flower Pots
Acrylic Paints
Krylon Clear Sealer

Additional Supplies Needed: Scrap Piece of Wood, Plastic Plates

Paint Drip FlowerpotsStep One: Set up a work area. This craft is best created outdoors, in an area where there are no worries if spills or messes occur. The pots will also need to dry for a few days without being moved.

I found the best way to set up the pots was by placing them upside down on a scrap piece of wood, with a plastic plate placed underneath to catch the excess paint (as shown above).  This allows a majority of the excess paint to run off the pot instead of pooling around the rim – which is key for letting the pots dry when they are complete.

Summer Crafts for KidsStep Two: Tape over the bottom drainage hole and begin dripping the acrylic paints over the pots.

Painted Flower pot Toad House
We worked with one color of paint at a time.

Outdoor Activities for Kids
There is really no wrong or right way to drip the paint – just have fun!

Outdoor Crafts for Kids
Continue to add different color paints until the the entire pot is covered or you are happy with the ‘drip’ results.

Dripped Paint Toad House

How to Make Paint Drip Flower Pots
This a wonderful way to clean up your stash and use up all of those bottles with just a tad bit of paint left in them.

Kids Painting Crafts

Kids Summer Crafts

Kids Craft Ideas
Acrylic paints are not that expensive and I usually stock up when Michaels runs their incredible 4 bottles of CraftSmart Paint for $1 sale. The last sale I caught was during the fall, last year.

Painted Flower Pots

Painted Terra Cotta Toad Houses

Drip Paint Terra Cotta Flower Pots
This craft mesmerized both my little guy and me!

Drip Paint Flower Pots

Dripped Paint Flower Pots

Drip Paint Outdoor Kids Activity

Drip Painted Flower Pot CraftStep Three: Leave the pots to dry in the sun for a couple of days.

Drip Paint Flower Pot CraftStep Four: Seal the pots with a coat of clear sealer. We used this indoor/outdoor sealer spray from Krylon.

Drip Paint Flower Pots
We planted some flowers in a couple of the pots.

Terra Cotta Flower Pot Toad House
While the others were placed throughout the garden for our friendly evening visitors.

Mini Toad House Craft
To create the toad houses we simply turned the pots on their sides and tucked the bottom half in the mulch. 

Flower Pot Toad House Craft

How to Make a Flowerpot Toad House

DIY Toad House Craft

Drip Paint Flower Pot Toad House | passport to imagination kids crafts


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  4. Antiquible You :

    Any would go right on my balcony…minus the toad, though, please!

  5. That looks like a really fun summer project. Thanks for sharing it.

  6. This is brilliant !
    They look like works of art – which they are I suppose 🙂
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  7. I love these…so bright and colorful! I’d do them without kids, even. But my niece and nephews are visiting so this might be a fun craft for us to do! Pinning!

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