Jockey and Race Horse Costume | homemade coordinating halloween #michaelsmakers

Jockey and Race Horse Costume | homemade coordinating halloween #michaelsmakers

Putting together a homemade costume for my little guy has become one of my favorite projects of the year. I love the idea of themed costumes and simply cannot pass up the opportunity to coordinate my little guy and his furry friends.

This year we decided to honor the 12th Triple Crown Winner, American Pharoah – the first in 37 years!

Jockey and Race Horse Costume - Homemade Coordinating Kids & Pet Costume #michaelsmakers
Our homemade Jockey and Race Horse costume was put together as part of this month’s Michaels Makers Challenge – creatively centered on making a DIY Halloween Costume.

These two costume are very simple to re-create and can be easily customized to fit any size child, or adult, and their pet.  There are lots of pictures and below along with all of the step by step details to make these one of a kind costumes as easy as can be (the hardest part is waiting for the paint to dry)!

Homemade Jockey Race Horse Kid and Dog Costume #michaelsmakers Homemade DIY Jockey Costume Outfit #michaelsmakers

Homemade American Pharoah Race Jockey Costume #michaelsmakers
Jockey Jersey (Silks) & Hat
Materials Needed:
Cotton Long Sleeve Tee
Cotton Baseball Cap
Tulip Soft Matte Fabric Paint
T-Shirt Form or Scrap Cardboard
Paint Brushes

Additional Supplies Needed: Pencil, Bowl/Lid for Circle Templates

Homemade Jockey Silks Costume #michaelsmakers
Layout and paint the design of the jockey jersey.

Our design was influenced by the racing silks worn by Victor Espinoza on American Pharoah. A small bowl was used to trace the templates for large circles and a mason jar lid was used for the smaller circles on the sleeves. These were lightly traced right onto the shirt with a pencil.

DIY Jockey Costume #michaelsmakers
The ‘Z’ on the jersey/”silks” stands for Zayat Stables, the owner and breeder of American Pharoah. The ‘Z’ was printed on cardstock, cut out and and used as a template for the shirt and hat.

American Pharoah Jockey Costume #michaelsmakers
Once the design is laid out, begin painting.

Tulip Brand Soft Matte Fabric Paint in Neon Blue and Yellow were used for our design. The soft matte paint is a permanent fabric paint that dries soft and flexible, so it moves with the fabric and won’t crack or crumble.

Hand Painted Jockey Jersey Costume #michaelsmakers
Allow time for drying before moving on to the next color.

Depending on the color, a second coat of paint may be needed. The yellow covered very well with one coat and the blue only needed a light second coat in some spots.

Jockey Hat Costume #michaelsmakers
The same methods were used to prepare and paint the design on the hat.

For reference: The shirt was youth, size large (10-14). The entire shirt, front and back, was hand-painted. A total of 8 ounces of the blue paint and 4 ounces of the yellow paint were used to completely cover the shirt and hat.

Jockey Silks Equestrian Costume #michaelsmakers
Jockey Pants
Materials Needed:
White Pull Up Pants
Iron On Letters

Additional Supplies Needed: Scissors, Iron, Scrap piece of Cardboard

DIY Jockey Pants Costume #michaelsmakers
For the jockey pants we used these inexpensive white pull up pants.  Keeping with our American Pharoah inspiration, 1.5 inch iron on letters spelling out ‘Wheels Up’ (one of American Pharoah’s sponsors) were applied to the leg.

Victor Espinoza Racing Jockey Costume #michaelsmakers
Jockey Armband
Materials Needed:
Black Felt
Iron-On Number or Silhouette Machine and Heat Transfer
VELCRO® Brand Sticky Back Coins

Additional Supplies Needed: Scissors, Iron

Jockey Costume Armband #michaelsmakers
Cut a piece of black felt large enough to wrap around the upper arm. Adhere an iron-on number to the center. I used my Silhouette Machine to cut the number from a piece of flocked heat transfer material. Pre-cut iron-on numbers can also be used. These numbers should be large – at least 3 inches tall.

DIY Jockey Racing Arm Band #michaelsmakers
To hold the armband in place, place VELCRO® Coins to the edges of the felt. Be sure to pick up the ones with the sticky backs so they will easily adhere to the felt.

American Pharoah Homemade Jockey Costume #michaelsmakers
To complete the Jockey Outfit we used these glasses for the jockey goggles and pulled a pair of rain boots from our closet.

DIY Riding Crop Jockey Costume Prop #michaelsmakers

Riding Crop
Materials Needed:
1/2 inch Diameter Wooden Dowel Rod
Red Acrylic Paint
Black Gorilla Tape or Duck Tape
Twill Ribbon

Additional Supplies Needed: Paint Brush, Scissors, Glue Gun & Glue Sticks

DIY Costume Riding Crop #michaelsmakers
Cut the wooden dowel down to the desired size and paint. These are the longer dowels, sold individually, by the balsa wood pieces. (Our finished crop measures 21 inches)

Cut a strip of tape and trim the corners on both ends, to a rounded shape, as shown above. The tape should be long enough to fold in half and double over onto itself. The thickness and texture of Gorilla Tape is perfect for this project. Duck Tape can be used as well.

Place the wooden dowel in the center of the strip, and fold the tape in half – matching the rounded corners together.

DIY Homemade Riding Crop #michaelsmakers
Finish the popper by wrapping another strip of tape around the dowel, right above the rounded taped corners.

Racing Riding Crop Costume Prop #michaelsmakers
Wrap the other end of the dowel with several sections of tape to form the grip, as shown above.

Homemade Riding Whip Jockey Costume #michaelsmakers
Approximately 2 inches below the first section of tape, begin wrapping the twill ribbon around the dowel. Use a dab of hot glue to secure the ends.

Homemade Riding Crop Jockey Costume #michaelsmakers

Homemade Racing Horse Pet Costume #michaelsmakers

Homemade Race Horse Dog Costume #michaelsmakers
Saddle Blanket & Saddle (for Dog)
Materials Needed:
Green Felt
Black Felt
White Bias Tape
Iron-On Letters or Silhouette Machine and Flocked Heat Transfer Material
Felt Glue
Twill Ribbon & VELCRO® Sticky Back Tape (used below for the straps)

Additional Supplies Needed: Scissors, Measuring Tape, Straight Edge, Pencil, Plastic Coated Freezer Paper, Glue Gun and Glue Sticks, Iron

Racing Horse Dog Costume #michaelsmakers
Measure your pet and cut the felt accordingly.

How to Cut Straight Clean Edge Felt #michaelsmakers
Quick Tip: When cutting felt take a piece of plastic coated freezer paper and iron it to the felt – shiny side down. The paper will temporary adhere to the felt. From there, trace or draw the design, then cut it out with a pair of scissors. Once complete, peel off the wax paper. The wax paper will help keep the edges of the felt clean and smooth, plus the trace marks will not show on the felt.

DIY Saddlecloth Horse Dog Costume #michaelsmakers
The saddlecloth should be a rectangular shape. Keep in mind the length of the sides when measuring your pet, so the cloth does not interfere with walking.

How to Make a Saddlecloth Racing Horse Pet Costume #michaelsmakers
Use a hot glue gun to adhere the bias tape trim around the edging of the felt.

American Pharoah Jockey and Horse Costume #michaelsmakers
For the lettering I used my Silhouette to cut flocked heat transfer material. Pre-cut iron-on letters can also be used.

We added the name of the ‘horse’ across the bottom, as well as a large racing number to each side of the felt.

Saddle Pattern Racing Horse Pet Costume American Pharoah Jockey #michaelsmakers
Cut the saddle from black felt. I sketched a mock saddle shape to fit the size of our saddlecloth. Don;t forget to use the freezer paper method mentioned above.

Attach the saddle to the saddlecloth with Felt Glue and hang it over a chair back to dry. (the chair back will simulate the shape of the cloth hanging on your pets back)

American Pharoah Saddle Jockey Dog Costume #michaelsmakers
Materials Needed:
White Oven Bake Clay
Krylon Satin Nickel Spray Paint
Twill Ribbon

Additional Supplies Needed: Parchment Paper, Oven, Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

Homemade DIY Horse Stirrups Race Horse Dog Costume #michaelsmakers
We kicked around a few ideas for the stirrups and finally gave up and just made our own using oven bake clay.

Knead the clay, to soften it, and roll it into a long snake shape.

Place a piece of parchment paper on a baking sheet. This where you will be shaping the clay.

Form the roll into a stirrup shape and join the ends at the bottom, where the tread is. Slightly flatten this section while continuing to join the ends together.

Bake the clay according to the package directions. Our stirrups took 15-20 minutes.

Homemade Race Horse Stirrups DIY Pet Costume #michaelsmakers
Paint the clay, once it has cooled. We used satin nickel spray paint.

Homemade Horse Stirrups Racing Horse Dog Costume #michaelsmakers
To attach the stirrups to the saddle:

Cut a piece of twill ribbon, long enough to drape over the saddlecloth and hang appropriately on each side.

Loop one end of the ribbon through one of the stirrups and hot glue the end, as shown above. Repeat using the other stirrup, at the opposite end of the ribbon.

Drape the stirrups over the saddle and hot glue the ribbon into place.

Race Horse Dog Costume #michaelsmakers
To keep the saddlecloth in place:

Cut four pieces of Twill Ribbon; two that stretch across the front of your pet’s shoulders and two that fall under your pet’s rib cage. (see the photo above)

Racing Horse Jockey Dog Costume #michaelsmakers
Cut strips of VELCRO® Sticky Back Tape and attach the ‘hook’ side to one end of the ribbon and the ‘loop’ side to the second ribbon. Repeat this step, for both, the shoulder straps and the rib cage straps.

DIY Race Horse Saddlecloth Dog Costume #michaelsmakers
Flip the saddlecloth over, to the back, and attach the strips of ribbon in place with hot glue.

DIY Horse Bridle Race Horse Dog Costume #michaelsmakers
Costume Bridle (for Dog)
Materials Needed:
Twill Ribbon
Split Rings

Additional Supplies Needed: Scissors, Glue Gun & Glue Sticks

DIY Horse Bridle Dog Costume #michaelsmakers
Measure and cut four pieces of ribbon:

1- around your pets snout

2- under the chin

3- behind the ears

4- a long piece for the reins.

The bridle is constructed by connecting all four pieces of ribbon to two split rings. One end of each ribbon gets attached to one ring and the other end is attached to the second ring, using hot glue, as shown in the photo above.

Homemade Bridle Race Horse Dog Costume #michaelsmakers
We found it easiest to work with one piece of ribbon at a time. We also measured in between gluing each piece of ribbon to the rings, to ensure it would fit our pup. Since the bridle slides on and off make sure the piece of ribbon that goes behind the ears is long enough to slip over your pets ears.

DIY Crowning Flower Blanket Race Horse Pet Costume #michaelsmakers
Crowning Flower Blanket
Materials Needed:
Silk Carnation Spray
Floral Wire

Additional Supplies Needed: Wire Cutters

While this flower blanket is no where near the exquisite carnation blanket given to winner of the Belmont Stakes, we thought it would add another special element to the race horse pet costume. This version is more like a wreath. Each race has its own designated flower – We used white carnations as they are the official flower of the Belmont Stakes.

DIY Carnation Flower Garland Race Horse Pet Costume #michaelsmakers
The garland was incredibly easy to put together as the carnation heads pop right off the stem.

How to Make a Carnation Flower Garland Race Horse Pet Costume #michaelsmakers
The carnations are then fed onto a piece of floral wire. The wire threads right through the hole of the stem and pokes right through the flower head.

Belmont Stakes Flower Blanket DIY Race Horse Pet Costume #michaelsmakers
The floral wire is easily bendable, though sturdy enough, to loop around itself and stay attached.

Homemade Race Horse Pet Costume DIY Dog Costume #michaelsmakers
The total amount of flowers needed will depend upon your pets neck. We used a total of twenty carnations. Alternatively, a pre-made flower garland can be used as well.

To finish off the Race Horse Dog Costume, bandaging tape  was used to wrap the dogs legs. It does not stick or pull the hair so it is easy and safe to use – and it stays in place.

Kid and Pet Costumes Jockey and Race Horse #michaelsmakers

Homemade Jockey Race Horse Kid and Dog Costume #michaelsmakers

How to Make a Homemade Jockey and Race Horse Costume #michaelsmakers

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Jockey and Race Horse Costume | homemade coordinating Kids and Dog halloween #michaelsmakers
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