Christmas Table Setting Ideas | refreshed holiday decor #michaelsmakers

Christmas Table Setting Ideas | refreshed holiday decor #michaelsmakers

Christmas Table Setting Ideas | refreshed holiday decor #michaelsmakers
It’s really hard resisting the urge to purchase new holiday decor this time of year. Even though I have several containers packed full of decorations, I still catch myself browsing the seasonal aisles in hopes of finding something different and exciting.

As much as I love refreshing my home with brand new items, it can be tough justifying those purchases with so many items in storage.

Christmas Table Setting Ideas | refreshed holiday Decor #michaelsmakers
This month Michaels challenged the Michaels Makers blogging team to come up with some fun and creative solutions to five common holiday obstacles – including putting that old decor to good use.

Today’s post is dedicated to three easy and affordable ideas to revive some decor items, you may already have stashed away, for the upcoming holiday season. I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to get a jump start on our Christmas morning breakfast table.

Christmas Woody Wagon Tree Plates Table Setting - Refresh Christmas Decor #michaelsmakers
Although these concepts are geared towards the holidays, two of the three ideas below can be used any time of the year.

1 | Fabric Covered Charger Plates
Fabric Covered Charger Plates - Repurposed Holiday Decor #michaelsmakers
Materials Needed:
Round Charger Plates (repurposed)
Loctite Spray Adhesive Multi Purpose (available Michaels in-store)
Mod Podge Hard Coat – Optional

Additional Supplies Needed: Marker or Pencil, Scissors

DIY Fabric Covered Plate Chargers #michaelsmakers
Step One: Turn the charger upside and trace on a piece of fabric.

Step Two: Using the outline as a guide, cut the fabric with an additional one inch allowance around the circumference.

For reference: One and a half yards of fabric was more than enough to cover eight chargers.

Fabric Covered Plate Chargers #michaelsmakers
Step Three: Generously spray the front of the charger with spray adhesive.

We used Loctite Multi-purpose Spray Adhesive. This spray is repositionable and dries permanent.

Note: Follow the brand specific directions for the spray. The Loctite adhesive requires you to wait one minute after spraying to join.

Covering Plate Chargers with Fabric #michaelsmakers
Step Four: Position the fabric on the charger and firmly smooth into place.

Fabric Covered Plate Chargers #michaelsmakers
Step Five: Turn the charger over, and spray the outer edge and exposed fabric with a generous coat of adhesive.

Covering Old Plate Chargers with Fabric #michaelsmakers
Step Six: Fold over the fabric and press firmly to bond.

Trim off any excess fabric.

For durability, Mod Podge Hard Coat can be used as a top coat to seal the fabric.

Christmas Woody Plate Fabric Covered Plate Chargers #michaelsmakers

Fabric Covered Plate Chargers Woody Christmas Tree Plates #michaelsmakers

Fabric Covered Plate Chargers DIY Christmas Makeover #michaelsmakers

Fabric Covered Plate Chargers Woody Plates #michaelsmakers

2| Birch Bark Wrapped Candle Holders
Birch Bark Wrapped Candle Holders - Repurposed Holiday Decor #michaelsmakers
Materials Needed:
Glass Cylinder Vase – (repurposed)
Birch Bark Roll (available Michaels in-store)
Buffalo Snow or filler of choice
Pillar Candle

Additional Supplies Needed: Scissors, Glue Gun & Hot Glue Sticks

Birch Burlap Ribbon #michaelsmakers
Step One: Cut the Birch Bark Roll to fit the circumference of the glass vase.

The Birch Bark Roll can be found in the Natural Floral section of Michaels, in-store.

Birch Wrapped Candle Holder #michaelsmakers
Step Two: Hot glue the birch roll onto the glass vase.

The hot glue can easily be removed from the glass when you are ready to change the design or repurpose the vase.

Birch Candle Holders #michaelsmakers
Step Three: Fill the vase with a filler of choice and add a pillar candle.

DIY Birch Glass Candle Holders #michaelsmakers

Birch Wrapped Candle Centerpiece #michaelsmakers
In addition to the Birch Covered Candle Holders, some glass votives were also added to the table top. To add a little decorative touch, plaid ribbon was simply cut, wrapped around the votive and hot glued in place

3| Bleached and Dyed Bottle Brush Trees
Bleached and Dyed Bottle Brush Trees - Repurposed Holiday Decor #michaelsmakers
I absolutely adore these little bottle brush trees and just love the way they turned out.

Although the step by step process is a ‘heavy’ hands-on project the results are quite drastic and well worth it.

For our tablescape we kept the trees a little toned down – though you can really get creative and colorful with the dying possibilities.

How to Bleach Bottle Brush Trees #michaelsmakers

Since the steps are a little labor intensive, the detailed, step by step directions will be published in a separate post Wednesday Evening.

Note: I tried this process with a couple of different bottle brush trees I had on hand and it does not work with all of them.

The best results were achieved with these specific trees, available at Michaels in-store and online here.

How to Bleach Bottle Brush Trees DIY #michaelsmakers

Bleaching Bootle Brush Trees DIY #michaelsmakers

Bleached White Bottle Brush Trees DIY #michaelsmakers

DIY Dying Bottle Brush Trees #michaelsmakers

How to Dye Bottle Brush Trees #michaelsmakers

Mini Bottle Brush Trees with Wood Stands #michaelsmakers

The bases were also replaced with wooden blocks – detailed in the step by step tutorial.

DIY Dyed Bottle Brush Tree #michaelsmakers

DIY Bottle Brush Trees with Wooden Bases #michaelsmakers

DIY Bottle Brush Trees #michaelsmakers

Michaels Makers Repurposed Holiday Decor #michaelsmakers

Christmas Table Setting Ideas | refreshed holiday decor #michaelsmakers
Shop at MichaelsThis post is brought to you by Michaels . The opinions read here are entirely my own. We all have stressors during the holidays and this month the Michaels Makers were asked to come up with creative and fun holiday hacks and tips to help relieve some of that stress and make holiday entertaining and prepping fun! Check out the other four holiday hack topics and the unique ideas all of the makers came up with on Michaels’ blog, The Glue String. For more inspiration, check out more of Michaels’ holiday project ideas and instructions – including gift wrapping, home décor, last minute gift ideas, hostess gifts and more. Happy Crafting!

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  1. Love! Love! Love!!!
    Everything! The charger plates are fabulous
    Underneath your adorable Christmas plates.
    Do you know the manufacturer of plates? If so
    Would you mind sharing? Thanks so much, Jen

  2. I LOVE the chargers! Great idea! And the Station Wagon plates are too cute! Great job!

  3. Oh yea, I LOVE this. Everything. Great job, as is your norm, Stephanie. Merry Christmas!

  4. The charger plates are awesome! I wasn’t able to find chargers I liked for my holiday table, so I may have to find time to get supplies and do this project before my guests arrive next week!


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