Popcorn and Champagne Bar | award show viewing party

Popcorn and Champagne Bar | award show viewing party

Popcorn and Champagne Bar |  award show viewing party #michaelsmakers 

Awards season is well underway with two of the most-watched award shows right around the corner.

If the Grammys and Oscars are on your viewing list, it’s the perfect opportunity to gather a few friends to ooh and ahh over the night’s most memorable moments and red carpet fashions.   

Popcorn and Champagne Bar | award show viewing party #Grammys #Oscars #Michaelsmakers

Popcorn and Champagne Bar ~ Awards Viewing Party

I’ve teamed up with Michaels this year for our viewing party set up – and kept it simple & casual – and, of course, added a little touch of sparkle & glam.

#grammy Award Viewing Party Ideas Popcorn Bar #michaelsmakers

This effortless display combines one of the most simplistic snack foods with the elegance of bubbly champagne.

All of the ‘work’ is actually in the details, which are quick and easy diy projects that can be put together the day of your gathering.

All of the details for this Popcorn and Champagne Bar below.

There are also some free printables at the bottom of the post
to help you get started on creating your own Popcorn Bar for next red carpet event.

Popcorn and Champagne Bar Set Up #Grammys #michaelsmakers

We wanted this display close by the tv, so I dressed up a portable folding table to hold all of the goodies.

The Tulle Table Skirt was created with rolls of inexpensive Tulle Fabric.

DIY Tulle Table Skirt #michaelsmakers

  • The table was first covered. This can be done with fabric, a plastic table cover, a simply a sheet.
  • Second, wrap a piece of ribbon around the perimeter of the table. I used hot glue to hold the ribbon in place. Just a dab at each corner and the center of the table.
  • Next measure the length from the top of the table to the floor. Double that measurement. This will be the length to cut the tulle. (this table was 30 inches so each piece of tulle was cut 60 inches long)
  • To create the skirt, each piece of tulle will be loop around the ribbon, perviously glued to the table.
  • Working with piece of tulle at a time, fold the tulle in half and loop it around the ribbon. Continue looping until you work around the entire table top.

For this table I used a total of four 20 ft Tulle Fabric rolls to cover three sides of the table. I also mixed in one roll of black sparkle tulle for a little glam.

Easy DIY Popcorn Bar #Grammys #michaelsmakers

A printable was created for the center of the table.

*There are two different printable versions below*

They are sized 8×10 and perfect to pop right in a frame for an easy centerpiece.

DIY Gold Monogram Letters Popcorn Bar #michalemakers #grammys

I utilized some galvanized letters from the new Make Market Line to create the ‘BAR’.

The smaller 4 inch letters (found ins-store) were used here, though they do carry the larger galvanized letters online.

These were simply painted with my favorite gold spray paint.

Popcorn and Champgane Snack Bar #Grammys #michaelsmakers

Popcorn Bar set Up #michaelsmakers

Glass jars and containers are some of my favorite things to have on hand for entertaining displays.

Award Viewing Party Popcorn Bar #michaelsmakers

Two large Ashland glass apothecary jars were used for the popcorn, along with some candy scoops for serving.

Award Viewing Party Popcorn Bar #grammys #michaelsmakers

There are so many fun toppings to add to a popcorn bar.

I’ve included some ideas in the free printables below.

For the Popcorn and Champagne Bar I kept it sweet, salty and crunchy.

Popcorn Bar Topping Ideas #michaelsmakers

Glass vases were used to hold the toppings.

Popcorn Bar Topping Ideas #michaelsmakers

To dress up the glass containers, each vase was wrapped with a piece of grosgrain ribbon and finished off with a label.

*A set of free printable labels can be found below*

#grammy Viewing Party Popcorn Bar #michaelsmakers

Popcorn Bar Printables #michaelsmakers

Glitter Covered Champagne Bottles DIY #michaelsmakers #grammys

The champagne bottles were glammed up for the event as well.

Champagne and Popcorn Bar #michaelsmakers #grammys

This is such an incredibly easy diy that creates a huge impact.

  • Simply take the champagne bottle and give it a light coat of spray paint. You will want to use the same color that you will be using for the glitter. In this case it was my favorite gold  again.
  • Once the paint has dried, brush the bottle with decoupage medium.  I used this type of Mod Podge.
  • Sprinkle with glitter and let sit to dry. I used this inexpensive chunky gold glitter and it worked perfectly.

Champagne Bar Set Up #grammys #michaelsmakers

A touch of sparkle was added to champagne flutes as well.

Sugar Rim Champagne Glasses #michaelsmakers #grammys

The rims were lightly rubbed with orange juice then dipped in Gold Pearilized Sugar. (found with the cake decorating supplies)

Gold Paper Straws, for my girly friends, were the perfect finishing touch.

DIY Popcorn and Champagne Bar #michaelsmakers #grammys

Will you be tuning in for any of the remaining awards shows. I have to say the red carpet pre-show are always my favorite!

Popcorn and Champagne Bar Set Up #Grammys #michaelsmakers

Free Popcorn Bar Printables Available at bystephanielynn.com
Popcorn Bar 8 X 10 Printable Sign
Popcorn Bar Printable Topping Signs
Popcorn and Champagne 8 X 10 Printable Sign

Popcorn and Champagne Bar #Grammys #Oscars Awards Viewing Party #michaelsmakers

Shop at MichaelsThis post is brought to you by Michaels . The opinions read here are entirely my own. Happy Crafting!

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  1. Hi Stephanie, really nice set up! I’m always a sucker for black and white stripes with gold 🙂 Having snacks in the mix just makes it too good to resist! 😉

  2. this is so cool! 🙂

    xoxo, rae

  3. Absolutely gorgeous and “award winning”! Your pics are so beautiful and capture everything wonderfully. I can almost SMELL the popcorn!

  4. Wow you are some party giver gal, your table is fantastic. Love the gold and black. You really went all out but you claim not to have. Everything looks so fancy, good going. Your ideas are all so great, thanks for sharing the labels and how to’s. Don’t think we’ll even be watching the awards but sure sounds like fun if we were. Great photos of it all. Have great time at your party, your guests will be very impressed at your efforts to make it a winner. You should be getting an award yourself. Happy week

  5. I am loving the glam look. Simply beautiful.


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