A Peek Inside the New Greenhouse

A Peek Inside the New Greenhouse

A Peek Inside the New Greenhouse | #michaelsmakers #michaelshaul •
Our summer has been packed with many ongoing projects, I can honestly say I’m ready and waiting to sit back and take in the stillness of fall.

Though I haven’t been able to share much lately, today I’m giving you A Peek Inside the New Greenhouse; one of our biggest diy projects of the summer.

DIY Backyard Garden Greenhouse Design #michaelsmakers

Butch began building the structure in the spring. Last year he built the garden and this building sits adjacent to that. We are still not quite sure what to call the space, as it is not a full fledged “greenhouse” in technical terms. It’s actually a cross between a greenhouse, a storage shed (for my stuff), and work space for outdoor garden projects. And, as an added bonus, it’s a pretty awesome place to hang out while it’s raining.

There are still a lot of finishing touches that need to be made. The front of the building is made up of large windows which allows you to view the inside of the building from yard. So my goal is to keep things pretty and organized, but still functional for its intended purpose.

This month’s Michaels Makers Challenge was an in-store, fall #MichaelsHaul. It was the perfect opportunity to pick up some items to outfit the space. Just in time for some major harvesting!

Michaels is filled with fall florals and an array of on-trend seasonal decor right now. All of the pieces shown were found in-store and a number of the items can be found online as well, which is detailed below. Come on in and take a peek…

Antique Metal Private Door Sign Replica #michaelsmakers • Metal Wall Plates •

DIY Fall Garden Greenhouse Decor #michaelsmakers

Home decor items that are intended for indoor use can easily be utilized in outdoor spaces. Look for materials that can naturally withstand the elements. Decor items that are made from metal, plastic, or ceramics can usually bear the harsh sun and rain, without any deterioration. On top of that, always add a layer of protection to any item used outdoors. Spray sealants are quick and easy. Look for clear coat formulas intended for outdoor use that provide a layer of UV protection. For fabrics, look for a formula that repels moistures and creates a water barrier.

Backyard Garde Greenhouse Decor #michaelsmakers • Metal Wall Clock

Galvanized Wall Clock - Greenhouse Decor #michaelsmakers

Fall Home Decor from Michaels #michaelsmakers • Rectangular Willow Tray

Potato Harvest from the Garden #michaelsmakers

We planted a variety of ‘new’ potatoes this year.

Red Norland, a Red,White and Blue Mix, French Fingerling & Banana Fingerling

Potatoes are so easy to grow and such a delightful surprise to dig up at the end of the season.

Michaels Fall Farmhouse Decor #michaelsmakers

Metal Egg Basket #michaelsmakers • Antique Brass Iron Wire Basket •

Farm House Decor #michaelsmakers

The new group of chicks we got this year just started to lay. Their first couple of eggs have been much smaller than our Buff Orpington’s, who have been laying for about three years now.

Even after five years, I am still amazed every day when we collect the eggs from the coop.

Farmhouse Home Decor from Michaels #michaelsmakers

Fall in the Backyard Garden #michaelsmakers

Berry Baskets from Michaels #michaelsmakers • Strawberry Baskets •

I pick up a few of these ceramic strawberry baskets every year.

We use a lot of of them in the garden for gathering and rinsing smaller fruits and vegetables. The holes in the containers work perfectly as a built-in colander.

Farmhouse Fall Farm Decor from Michaels #michaelsmakers Glass Mason Jars with Wooden Holder •

And, this wooden mason jar holder has become my new go-to herb gathering container.

I love the fact that I can fill the mason jars with water, head out to the garden, and harvest some fresh herbs, without any of them wilting in the smoldering summer heat. Plus, I can leave it perched on the kitchen counter where the herbs will last for a few days

Herb Gathering Basket and Jars #michaelsmakers

Fall Decor - Backyard Garden Greenhouse #michaelsmakers

Baskets int he Garden #michaelsmakers • Assorted Baskets | Michaels In-store •

Michaels Fall Farm Decor #michaelsmakers

The zucchini was accidentally left unattended for a couple of weeks and went on a wild growing spree.  Some them are enormous so now I have to come up with some new ways to cook these monsters accordingly. The larger zucchini are tougher, bitter, and a bit on the watery side so they work better baked into breads, roasted, sautéed, or stewed.

Fall Rustic Pillows From Michaels #michaelsmakers• Fall Signature Pillows | Michaels In-store •

Fall Jute Pillows at Michaels #michaelsmakers

Garden Bud Vases #michaelsmakers • Ashland Wood Stand with Glass Bottles | Michaels In-store •

I tucked a lot of cutting flowers into the garden this year. These were all grown from seed.

They are always intended to be for cutting however, when the blooms finally arrive I’m torn every single time I cut a stem. They are such a pretty sight in the garden and pure bliss to our honey bees and the butterflies.

Backyard Cutting Flower Garden #michaelsmakers

Garden Scoops at Michaels #michaelsmakers • Decorative Scoops  •

Gold and Copper Garden Scoops #michaelsmakers

DIY Backyard Garden Greenhouse Design #michaelsmakers

Fall Decor Accents at Michaels #michaelsmakers Fall Haul

• Get The Look •

Metal Wall Clock – Vintage Finds Decor Collection
Decorative Scoops  – Fall Market Decor Collection
Glass Mason Jars with Wooden Holder – Fall Flower Market Collection
Rectangular Willow Tray – Fall Market Decor Collection
Antique Brass Iron Wire Basket – Fall Market Decor Collection
Strawberry Baskets – Fall Market Decor Collection
Metal Wall Plates – Vintage Finds Decor Collection

Michaels In-store

  • Pillows – Fall Signature Accents
  • Ashland Wood Stand with Glass Bottles – Spring Flower Market Collection
  • Assorted Baskets

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And, if you happen to swing by a Michaels Store, be sure to share your own haul on instagram, using the hashtag #michaelshaul

A Peek Inside the New Greenhouse #michaelsmakers Brought to you by Michaels


  1. Oh aarrgghh, so many wonderful treasures, can I have one of everything? Get paid Wed. but then we’ll have 5 weeks between paydays again and the bills think they need my money more than goodies. Shoot. Maybe can squeeze out enuf for one treasure, but which one?
    Looks like your new bldg.is pretty doggoned snazzy and quite handy for many purposes.
    Happy week

    • Thanks so much Kay! I just adore the new space – so much that I don’t even want to put anything in it! I think may just have to enjoy it as is the rest of the season and start fresh next spring. p.s. Treat yourself to a treasure – you deserve it!

  2. Really beatuiful and comfortable ! I always enjoy your posts.

  3. Merry Christmas to you & your beautiful family!!


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