About Me

Welcome to Under the Table and Dreaming, I’m Stephanie Lynn. I am a blessed Mommy to one precious little boy, CJ, and married to a handsome guy, Butch, {who also happens to be the best handyman and my bff}. We recently moved into ‘Our Dream House’ and have been working hard at making it ‘Our Home’.

Our son was diagnosed with autism at age two. He is the center of our world. Some of the projects I share are centered on creating the most comfortable environment and life for my little guy. Our journey is just beginning; as a family we are learning to embrace all the small things that make this a wonderful crazy life. I am hoping by sharing our story it will give me a chance to pause and and take some time to reflect on all the blessings in our life, which I am so grateful for.

I love simple and classic styles with a touch of whimsy and fun. I have a passion for do-it-yourself décor, home projects and anything that keeps my creative mind going. I enjoy the challenge of figuring out how to make something on my own. {Better yet, simply by using things I already have around me} I believe style does not have to be compromised by a budget; no matter what that budget may be.

I started Under the Table and Dreaming as place to share a little piece of my world and ‘these’ creative passions of mine. With the right inspiration, I believe everyone can be creative. I am inspired by many great things in this wonderful world and hope you leave here feeling a little the same!

New content is updated Monday through Friday with a focus on sharing a variety of simple home projects, do-it-yourself décor, fun crafts, occasional recipes, inspirational posts and more. Easy to follow step by step tutorials provide readers of any skill set the tools and confidence to experience the rewards of DIY projects first hand.

The Sunday Showcase Case Party is hosted every weekend encouraging you, the reader, to interact, link up and share your own creations. I love to feature and share your ideas, projects and inspiration just as much as my own.

Unfortunately, from time to time, I do have to step away from writing to focus on the health, therapy, education, and care of my little guy. Your understanding and support is greatly appreciated as we work our way through this every day thing called life.

During these down times please feel to check out our previous projects archived in the project gallery, our tried and true recipe files, and of course the inspiration & ideas gallery, boasting posts full of eye candy.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by – it is greatly appreciated and not taken for granted.
Stephanie Lynn

To catch a closer glimpse of our every day life and projects in the works, you can find us on instagram and facebook.

“Every day is an opportunity to be creative – the canvas is your mind, the brushes and colours are your thoughts and feelings, the panorama is your story, the complete picture is a work of art called, ‘my life’. — Innerspace

My Inspiration

In an effort to bring awareness to our friends and family we have created the video below in honor of our little boy. This is a special opportunity for us to share our story and hope that you’ll join us in our fight to make a difference in the lives of children living with autism including our dear son CJ. We have a long hard road in front of us but anyone who knows CJ can tell you he is truly an incredible little boy. He brings such joy to our lives and his smile makes everything worth fighting for. We have great hope and with prayer know that we are in Gods hands.